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Stoichiometry Essay

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11 BOM 2014 Name:____________________Semester 2 Assignment: Business Feasibility StudyContextualised Unit: Marketing and Operations ManagementItem: 2.1Distributed: Week Beginning 4th AugustDraft or Progress Report Due: 11th SeptemberExcursion Date: 18th SeptemberFinal Submission Due: 13th OctoberFormat: - Multi-modal presentation- Group collaboration, individual responsePLAGIARISM DECLARATIONI have read Somerset College's Policy on Plagiarism in the Assessment Booklet.I declare that, to the best of my knowledge, this assignment is my own work. All sources have been properly acknowledged and the assignment contains no plagiarism. I am aware that my assignment must be submitted to an electronic detection organisation.Student's signature: _________________________________ Date of signing: ______/______/______IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT THIS TASKBusiness Feasibility Study:A feasibility study assesses your ability to use your knowledge and analysis skills to evaluate the feasibility of a business or start-up business. Through the analysis of existing or competing businesses, feasibility studies seek to determine the viability of a business idea.Contextualised Unit:A contextualised unit is one which draws on the content of at least two of the functions of Business Management. In this case you are required to apply your knowledge of :Marketing AND b) Operations Management.You must demonstrate an understanding of the inter-dependence of these two management functions.Multi-Modal PresentationA multimodal response uses a combination of at least two modes of communication. Each of the communication modes must contribute significantly to the message for the audience.An audio - visual component must add to the oral component - not just summarise it.Task:You are to assess the feasibility of the business proposal in the case study below and prepare a multi-modal presentation to present your research and conclusions.Case StudyProposal to introduce a new European style bock beer to the product port-folio of the Burleigh Brewing Company ( Schmidt is a qualified master brewer. He went to school on the Gold Coast and studied German and Business Management in year 12.After finishing high school, he travelled to Germany and began working in pubs in Munich and also gained seasonal employment in the organisation of the Octoberfest beer festival. He developed a fascination with the wide variety of European beers available and wanted to know more about the brewing techniques. He gained entry to a German polytechnic (equivalent of a TAFE college in Australia) to undertake a Diploma of Brewing Technology and got a job as an apprentice working for one of the micro-breweries in Munich. He gained his qualifications in brewing after completing the 4 year diploma and an apprenticeship recognised by the German government.Steve lived in Munich for another 10 years and, during this time, became the manager of the Microbrewery in which he did his...

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1350 words - 5 pages that by dividing the volume of gas produced by 24000cm3 :Moles (n) = Volume (cm")24000 cm"So:n = 122 cm" = 0.005083 mol of H224000 cm"Equation:2 Li(s) + 2 H2O (L)2LiOH(Ag) + H2 (g)By looking at the Stoichiometry ratio in the reaction I can see that the ratio of Li: H2 is 2:1, therefore the number of moles of Li will be twice as the number of moles of H2 in the reaction.So:0.005083 x 2= 0.010166 mol of LiMass of Lithium =Mass of the Lithium plus

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1287 words - 5 pages the dried out Ni(NH3)2+ and began to analyze the complex. This was done in order to accomplish the main goal of determining the ammonia per gram of complex. The practicality of knowing these facts is for the use of determining the stoichiometry of the complex (how many ammonia molecules are bound to the metal Ni2+ ion).Procedure: After the creation of the nickel complex, we had to create a standardized NaOH solution by adding 25ml of 1.0M NaOH

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1454 words - 6 pages CH products occupy almost the same volume as the original cement and water; volume is approximately conserved, and shrinkage is manageable. Although the formulas above treat C-S-H as a specific stoichiometry, with the formula C3S2H3, it does not at all form an ordered structure of uniform composition. C-S-H is actually an amorphous gel with a highly variable stoichiometry. The ratio of C to S, for example, can range from 1:1 to 2:1, depending on

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1495 words - 6 pages re-enter their respective cycles into the ecosystems. Q4. Write the balanced overall chemical equation for the process by which your tree absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. What is this process called? Trees take up carbon dioxide during photosynthesis. A really general formula for photosynthesis would be CO2 + H2O + light --> O2 + sugar. Q5. Define the following terms: model, sequester, combustion, and stoichiometry. Model - a

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1663 words - 7 pages SCN 1- can be calculated from their starting concentrations and the concentration of the complex ion. Because the stoichiometry is 1:1:1 (reactant:reactant:product), the moles of each reactant used up in the reaction is equal to the moles of product formed. And since the initial concentrations of the reactants is known, it is a simple subtraction to find the moles of reactant remaining at equilibrium. The value for the equilibrium constant will

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876 words - 4 pages Century. William Ramsay also verified Roland Eötvö's law for the constancy of the rate of change of molecular surface energy with temperature. Ramsay published his work in accordance to Dobbie, on the decomposition products of the quinine alkaloids. William was very successful and submitted many contributions to physical chemistry, being mostly on Stoichiometry and Thermodynamics. He also commenced the 1880’s with his work with Sidney Young on

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836 words - 3 pages arranged them on a cylinder- which he called the telluric helix- where exactly 16 mass units could be written per turn, so that closely related elements lined up in vertical columns. With his periodic table, De Chancourtois stated, "The properties of the elements are the properties of numbers." He was also able to predict the stoichiometry of certain metallic oxides, observing that the properties of the elements repeat every seven elements. De

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997 words - 4 pages and U6 snRNPs help to form the major (U2-type) spliceosome. Functionally, snRNPs recognise and base pair to sequences that define introns in pre-mRNA (Wahl et al. 2009). The snRNPs form the spliceosome in equal stoichiometry. Despite this, cellular concentrations of the snRNPs are unequal. In particular, U1 snRNPs are much more abundant than other snRNPs. U1 snRNP commonly recognises and defines 5’ splice sites in pre-mRNA (Berg et al. 2010


1124 words - 4 pages stoichiometry in comparison to the theoretical reaction given by the balanced equation above appears there are fewer moles (e.g. 0.003415 mol. Mg in Trial III) than there existed in the equation (1mol.Mg). The sources of uncertainty in our experiment leading to this error could be several different possibilities. One possible error that we notice could be that fragments of our magnesium ribbon broke away from the rest of the reacting magnesium and

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810 words - 4 pages technology throughout chemistry. In life and society as most of you know, chemistry is involved in everything in this entire world including; animals, plants, and even food! Although most people don’t like chemistry due to all the equations and “Stoichiometry”, it plays a significant role in everyday life. Thanks to many scientists in the past, we can now use the knowledge of their theories and postulates to find new technology and other


1085 words - 4 pages . On the other hand, the constant K is dependent on the stoichiometry of the electrolyte rather than on its nature. From a plot of Λm versus c1/2, ¬ the limiting molar conductivity can be obtained from extrapolation. These molar conductivities at infinite dilution can be used to determine conductivity at infinite dilution for individual ions to yield the law of the independent migration of ions. For instance, the limiting molar

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1460 words - 6 pages is known as ecological stoichiometry, and it plays a fundamental role in ecology. Most plants require nutrients in relatively set proportions to grow, defined by the Redfield ratio of carbon:nitrogen:phosphorus at 40:7:1, respectively. Based on this ecological stoichiometry, as well as species-specific regulation of nutrient ratios, many predictions can be made about how species interact. Resource competition There are many predictions of

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860 words - 3 pages solution. An indicator is an organic dye that is added to an acidic solution. The indicator is one color is in the acidic solution and another color in the basic solutions. An end point occurs when the organic dye changes colors to indicate that the reaction is over (Lab Guide pg. 141). Sample Calculations In this experiment three different equations were used and they are the Stoichiometry of Titration Reaction, Converting mL to L, and