Stolen Love Essay

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“Why did you leave Marilyn alone Lance, you're her father. You're supposed to watch out for her!” My mother furiously stood in front of my father in tears. “I didnt think something like that would happen in the church Rachel!” he replied as he sat at the kitchen table with his hands on his head in discontent.
“Well it did!” She then stormed upstairs with bloodshot red eyes.

This conversation happened 2 years ago. I was sixteen years old hiding in the living room. I didn't like when they talked like this, especially about me. Something really bad happened. Something I ended up dying for. My life had always been sheltered. I wasn't allowed to go out. I couldn't watch too much tv, and I always made good grades. I attended a small church and every Sunday I would lead a song. The only people close to my age at church was our drummer Anthony, and guitar player Derion. I'd known them all my life. Derion had a cousin named James that I'd been secretly dating. We were good. Everything was swell.

James was a tall and strong. He had a bad boy reputation though. When I met him he was in a reform school, but I thought nothing of it. I thought he was misunderstood and needed love, and I was going to go to the end to make sure he had it. When we got to the second month of our relationship we began to have group phone calls with the other boys at church and there girlfriends. There was one conversation that stuck out.

“PARTY LINE” Anthony yells into the phone.
Everybody on the phone laughs. The conversation this night were hilarious, but then it got serious.
“Marilyn, I love you with my whole heart!” James mumbled into the phone.
“Huh” I replied, because I couldn't hear him.
He said it louder, but he was mumbling.
“James, I can’t understand you.” I said clearly. Everyone on the phone began to laugh so hard. When silence broke James replied in an angry tone.
“Marilyn, I will call you in second!”
In that moment my heart stopped. A million questions ran across my mind. “Why would he call me individually?” “Did I do something that wrong?” “Should I just say I’m sorry”

Then my ringtone went off. I clicked the green answer button and placed the phone to my ear.
“Hello!” I said with fear running through my voice.
“Marilyn how could you do that to me! You completely embarrassed me in front of everybody!”
He Yelled at me in fury. I put the phone down for a second reflecting on every word he said. I kept hearing him say “Marilyn! You still there!” and “Answer the damn phone!” but I didn’t want to hear anything he said. I was frightened. I slowly put the phone to my ear and said
“Baby, I’m sorry!”
“Oh. You will be!” he replied and hung up.
I was so scared now. What could happen now? I went in my room to go to sleep, but I ended up just lying there. My eyes began to water. My body was numb, and nobody could save me. I closed my eyes and thought of something happier and finally fell into sleep.

The next morning I tried everything to keep from going to...

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