Stones River Battlefield Review

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I visited the Stones River Battlefield located in Murfreesboro, TN. I chose this locating, because it was close and convenient for me to explore in-between classes one day. I actually learned quite a bit about the land and what took place there in 1862. Some information was giving to me shortly after I enter their visitor center, and I was guided in the right direction to help me with my paper.
I didn’t prepare myself too much prior to my visit, due to the fact I really had nothing in mind that I thought I needed to do besides wear a good pair of tennis shoes to walk around the reservoir and of course bring a friend. I learned that the battlefield is considered 650 acres and around 23,515 ...view middle of the document...

I got to see things such as hair combs, bullets, clothing materials, knifes, and many more historical pieces. Not only were there the objects and such but each piece had its own description and some pieces even had small phones attached to the wall where you could pick them up and listen to recordings of soldiers talking or note taking from the war. For example, I listened to many soldiers sharing their experience of their life compared to others at their age. One boy mentioned being in the war fighting and said he wasn’t like most boys his age playing in the front yard. It was kind-of heart breaking to know that boys as young as twelve years old had to sacrifice their lives to help fight the war. I really enjoyed looking at the bullets and cannon balls they had on displays. I never knew the cannon balls shattered into pieces after being shot. It must have been very painful digging shards of metal out of your skin if you were lucky enough to survive it.
This historical site is very important because thousands of men died during this civil war. There are a lot of burials and cemetery locations within the property. No one should ever allow the disrespect of disturbing the burial sites of soldiers who fought for their beliefs. I believe it is very disrespectful and the Stone River Battlefield should always be preserved. This part of the war is a remarkable time for Murfreesboro where the most casualties died on both the union and confederate sides. Therefore marking an important time in history with many pieces of evidence that are still to be discovered today. There is no reason not to continue preserving this park in the future. The more we can find in the park the more we will understand about our history. Peoples’ history can teach a lot.
Learning from the past helps to realize strategies of what to do and what not to do. I was astonished by the arising question of keeping the park preserved. Only so much of it is still...

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