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Stonewall Amazing Essay

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The main topic in “Stonewall Jackson’s House”, by Reynolds is what it means to be politically correct when talking about different races and ethnicities. In the play, the actors perform a play about a young African American girl, LaWanda, who wants to be a slave in the modern world in order to be free of decisions about her life. She states that people in nowadays live in another form of slavery; this is the Government because they play the role of a father that keeps people’s needs fulfill and the central power is their guardian. The new slaves are the people under the nations, where the cotton plantation have changed for a new type of plantation, the economy and corporations which control ...view middle of the document...

“Tracy: Look, it’s easy to call Hitler and Mao and Pol Pot butchers, but they must have offered something in return or they wouldn’t have been in power so long- safety, national pride, a better future “ (p.58). The passage says that people tend to search for leaders who can be different from the rest because those leaders offer more protection and stability to common individuals. The search for a superior person that can be both a guide and a paternal figure is inherent to the human. The need of a paternal figure is one of the basic needs of the childhood, children need a guide who can protect them and can provide them supplies to live in harmony until they reach their independence. In this sense, the appearance of Hitler or Mao is totally understandable because they gave people a security with their speeches. The leaders of a society are those who can come up and make people believe that more stability and better options would came with them. The main concept behind this reality is the fact that people need someone especial that can promise and persuade them that everything will be okay. It is intrinsic to the human mind to search for a person who can protect them and can guide them, so in this sense, the need of a paternalist government is totally understandable.
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