Stop Aggression Before It Is Too Late!

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For the third time in a week, a young boy was viciously attacked by his own father. The child was thrown across the room, then was punched and kicked because he had forgotten to put the milk carton in the refrigerator after he had finished drinking the milk. What kind of maniac would want to harm his or her child? What would cause anyone to lose self-control to such an extent that this individual would physically harm another human being? Aggression is a part of the American culture. Aggression is a molded and learned behavior. With all the mass media and television, what child is not influenced by what he or she sees on television? Society is the main cause of aggression involving children and youths has dramatically risen throughout the year. People use aggression as another way to escape flaw and imperfections. All that society needs are people who are willing to make this country a better place for all. It comes from the right form of communication and cooperation from one individual to another.What exactly is aggression and how does aggression come about? Aggression is "any behavior directed toward another individual that is carried out with proximate intent to cause harm" (Anderson 1). Aggression is a learned emotion that is built on different factors in a person's environment. It is the combination of the environment and even society. A young boy goes to school and is bullied by one of his classmates; he comes home crying to his father describing his situation. The father, who is the main role at this point, tells the child his problems. Instead the father should react differently. The young boy should be taught to talk out his problems without any aggression involved. The young boy does not know the differences between violent and peaceful solutions and that can be a major downfall for this young boy, once he reaches adulthood. The fact that the father did not teach the boy the right lesson, this young boy has a greater chance of being aggressive later in life. The American society does not need to be any more aggressive then it already is.According to Albert Bandura, a psychologist know for the famous research of the "bobo doll", children learn directly from what they observe or is more commonly known as the "social learning theory"(Socially 1). The social learning theory argues against the theory that humans are innately aggressive. Aggression is learned in two basic ways. The first way is that humans become aggressive from observing models. A person can learn violence and aggressive behavior from what that individual witnesses during his or her childhood experiences. The second is from receiving and expecting payoffs following aggression. The payoffs may be in the form of stopping others that are being aggressive or by getting praise or status from others who are aggressive (Goodman 1). Many individuals face environmental frustration and unpleasant experience on a daily basis, but that does not give anyone the right to act...

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