Stop Animal Cruelty In Science Experiments

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Animals are not only bred inside laboratories, but also obtained from special dealers, animal shelters, and directly from the wild. Dogs and cats are usually obtained from Class A or B dealers. Class A dealers specialize in selling purpose-bred animals, or animals bred specifically for experimentation. Class B dealers buy animals at auctions, through newspaper ads, or animal shelters, and then sell them to laboratories. Animals acquired from shelters is known as “pound seizure”.1 In the United States, there are no federal laws prohibiting pound seizure, but Washington D.C. and 18 states have banned it.2 Shelters were built to provide animals a safe, warm, and loving home; not to provide laboratories with more test subjects. Animals such as monkeys, chimpanzees, mice, rats, and birds are taken from the wild in Asia, South America, and Africa to be used as test subjects in the United States.3 No scientist would enjoy being taken from their home and family to be subjected to cruel and painful tests, so why is it acceptable to do this to wild animals? There seems to be no limit to when, where, and how these animals can be obtained. Now is the time to step forward and draw the line.
Many product tests performed on animals can be described as unusually cruel. Animals are forced through tests as skin sensitization, skin irritation/corrosion, eye irritation/corrosion, acute oral toxicity, reproductive/developmental screens, and developmental toxicity; usually without being given any sort of painkiller.4 With so many new, more advanced, and accurate ways to test products, why are we still resorting to the cruel, ancient methods? With many Americans applying “out of sight, out of mind” towards animal testing, now is the time to bring it to light. During an eye irritancy test, the substance is applied to one of the rabbits eyes, the other serving as a control, and then observed for signs of redness, bleeding, ulcers, blindness, or any other signs of damage. Scientists will use one to three rabbits every time they perform this test. Rabbits are often constrained, preventing them from acting naturally to the substance, and killed after the 14 to 35 day observation period.5 While performing a reproductive screen, both male and female adult rats are exposed to or force fed the test substance for two to four weeks before mating. The pregnant mother is then exposed daily during her pregnancy, until up to four days after her pups are born, when they are killed and their tissues examined. While examining the tissue, scientists look for effects on fertility, ability to reproduce, and birth defects.6 These product tests are not only inhumane, but also inaccurate.
The results from painful and cruel tests performed on animals are usually unreliable and do not help contribute to human safety. Diseases that are artificially induced in animals are never identical to those that naturally occur in humans.7 Therefor, the animals responses may be widely varied and any...

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