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Kathleen Patel, author of The Bullying Epidemic-The Guide to Arm You for the Fight,

observed, “With ignorance comes fear—from fear comes bigotry. Education is the key to

acceptance”. Bullying seems to have become a favorite past-time of many children all over the

world. It happens everywhere, at home, in school, and on the internet. In cases of in-school

bullying, the punishment for the student who bullies another student is most often suspension;

however, in extreme cases, the punishment is expulsion. Many people believe that expulsion is

the appropriate punishment; however, I think otherwise.

In the case of Jonathan and Jamie Worthington, two white students, were suggested, by

the principle of New Century Village High School, Yvette Lee, to be given different penalties for

bullying Evan Bell, a black student, in school and online. I believe that the suggested punishment

for Jamie a twenty day suspension, is reasonable for both students. Expulsion, which was the

suggested punishment for Jonathan, is not the correct way to combat bullying and bigotry; it is

the easy attempt to prevent one student from bullying, which will not be successful. Expelling a

student from school does not prevent the student from being a bigot and does not teach him or

her the importance of equality. In order to combat the issue of bullying in schools, classes should

be held in which students are taught that everyone is equal and to not do onto others as you

would not want done onto yourself.

Education is the one and only way to prevent bullying in the 21st century. With racism

movies, music, television shows, etc. being widespread in America, parents and teachers must

take it upon themselves to teach children that it is unacceptable. Predominantly in scantly

diversified schools such as New Century Village High School, which consists of 92% while

students, children must be shown, through example, that everyone should be treated as equals. ...

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