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Everyone in society plays an important role in the prevention of bullying. Although bullying cannot be completely prevented at this time, there are steps that need to be acted upon now to drastically decrease this horrendous epidemic that the nation faces today and in the future. Positive parenting, school programs, discipline, and strict laws being enforced against bullying are all ways to decrease bullying. These steps must involve the parents, peers, schools, communities, and the legal system. Everyone must work together to stop bullying.
There are many types of bullying, ranging from but not restricted to, kicking, name calling, slapping, and punching (Lisa Garby, 213). Bullying ...view middle of the document...

Individuals have to act today to reduce the growth of bullying.
“Children who are exposed to negative parenting-including abuse, neglect but also overprotection- are more likely to experience childhood bullying by their peers, according to a meta-analysis of seventy studies of more than two-hundred-thousand children (Poor parenting—including overprotection—increases bullying risk, 2013, para. 1).” With this being said, to reduce and navigate toward the prevention of bullying parents must take a look at how they parent. Parents must look at time management, have supervision of their children’s electronic devises, have parent communication skills, establish social norms, and be aware of school policies (Austin, Reynolds, Barnes, 2012). The skills above may come naturally or be accomplished through training. Time management include how much time the parent spend with the child, how much time the student spends watching TV, and all other activities the child and parent partake in together. The child must feel that they have their time with their parent. The supervision of children’s electronic devises is very important due monitoring what they see and do. As stated before bullying also takes place over the internet. Parents must communicate with their child that bullying is unacceptable and will be appropriately handled. Children must also know that they can talk with their parents about bullying if and when they witness it. Having this communication will set a social norm for children. Parents being aware of school policies will give them the chance to reinforce the policies at home.
The second step for the reduction and navigation toward the prevention of bullying sits with schools. One-hundred-sixty-thousand students don’t go to school on any given day due to the being frightened of being bullied (Austin, Reynolds, Barnes, 2012). Students that do not feel safe from bullying during school feel a tremendous amount of emotional stress. If a school does no respond to known bullying the Office for Civil Rights, OCR, will withhold federal funds for schools. School must have federal funds to continue to operate.
The first step for school personal is to know the different type of student personalities. There are eight types of personalities that school personal will encounter. The different type of personalities include: the non-participants, bully aids, bully supporters, defenders, bully/victims, victims, and witnesses (Austin, Reynolds, Barnes, 2012).
The non-participants are those students that do not partake in any part of the bullying routine. The non-participants will carry a lower social status among their peers. Boys are impacted at a higher level than girls are (Austin, Reynolds, Barnes, 2012). When students involve themselves in bullying it may expose them to the bullying. Therefore, non-participants should become an advocate for the victim of the bully and tell an adult.
Bully aids are the students that support the...

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