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Commodity is defined as buying and selling raw or agriculture products such as coffee, gold and aluminum. There are two types of commodity soft commodity and hard commodity. Soft commodities are agriculture items such as rice, rubber, and wool while hard commodities are raw materials such as gold, oil, aluminum. Also some commodities are needed and others are wanted and an example of needed commodities is water, food and wanted commodities are like shark fins. Shark finning must be bended; it’s only wanted as a commodity, most people don’t need it for that much to live. Every year, we hear about sharks killing 10 to 15 people but not only shark attack and kill humans, human kills millions of ...view middle of the document...

Shark fin soup is not only eaten in the Chinese culture but now it is world wild. The decrease of sharks led to the decrease of water quality (Pfaffko, 2011).Most fishermen are desperate to feed their families and they are forces to kill sharks so they would be able to survive. For example, they would only cut the fins because it is very expansive and it is worth 100 dollar a bowl in Chinese culture and then they would throw shark’s leftovers back in the ocean where they do not die peacefully and also they are unable to swim, properly and bleeding profusely, they suffocate or die of blood loss and the reason that they think it is priceless and shark takes space in the boat, but they do not know that shark’s blood can affect other species and the ocean. The decrease of sharks has an effect over specific species where this can influence the rest of the ecosystem, the huge loss of sharks can allow top predators decline in an ecosystem populations to bloom, which can have negative affects on lower level prey species. The decline of the sharks affected their prey, rise in numbers and expand into areas that were previously too risky to scavenger. The rays destroyed the scallop populations in the area and made them combined with ongoing fishing pressure, they may not be able to recover perhaps permanently changes can change the ecosystem and the several affect on local livelihoods.
Every product has a negative affect on human. Shark fins has a huge affect on humans especially the brain. The process of shark fin trade is to cut of the fin and it is required to be frozen or dried. Most people complained that shark fin soup is tasteless and has a bad affect to people’s health; they this no proteins and no vitamins in this soup people just drink this soup just to show people how wealthy they are. Also people believe that shark cartilage can be used as health supplement that can cure people from diseases such as asthma, eczema, and cancer, but studies shows that sharks supplement can cause tumor on the skin, blood, nervous, digestive system and can cause also cancer. Basically shark products such as pills, powder and soup can affect human badly. A recent study shows that 79% of shark fins tested contained high-levels of BMAA, an unsafe neurotoxin linked to the increased risk of Alzheimer’s and other degenerative brain diseases (Neurotoxins In Shark Fins, 2012). The combination of lifestyle, genetic and the environment and also any food that has BMAA or toxic mercury can cause Alzheimer’s. Sharks meat especially the fins are made of high levels of mercury. University of Miami has discovered high concentrations of BMAA in shark fins, samples were taken from several species of sharks in South Florida waters and levels of BMAA between 144 and 1836 ng/mg were founded, this shows the similar stages that are measured in the brains of Alzheimer’s and Lou Gehrig Disease victims. People who drink shark fin soups especially pregnant women are advised to avoid...

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