Stop Shooting The Bacon And Shoot The Cafe!

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Two pills set on the hardwood floor of the apartment. A young girl laid on the couch with her right arm hanging off the couch while her left arm was lying over her face. Only one stalking was on her leg but it had a rip on the side, while her other stalking was not to be found. She could only move just a little bit... She fell off the couch, choking on her spit that she swallowed by accident. To her vision she saw everything as orange and blurry... She could not see straight. She soon closed her eyes and went off to the dream world. Her boyfriend called the paramedics then he ran off so he wouldn't get busted for giving the girl drugs.The bright white lights woke her up as the doctors rushed her to the operating room through emergency, where people sat waiting for much more trivial matters. As she barely was alive the doctors pumped her, sucking out the poisons that her twenty-seven year old player of a boyfriend gave her. However, her boyfriend was no where to be seen, for he left town for a bit while cops wanted to question him about what happened that night.After the treatments that the doctors did to this scrawny 16 year old girl, she was sleeping in her hospital bed, as silent as a ocean in an empty night with breezes that would bring shivers to you. She slept as cute as a baby sleeping in a crib. She wasn't alone, for I sat in the room all night, watching her breathe, making sure that nothing would happen to her. Only if I protected her more then she wouldn't be lying here on this bed at this shit hole hospital in the middle of the ghetto in Trenton.I sat in the chair all night, not leaving the room. I thought of how I could of prevented this from happening, blaming it on myself. I would go and do anything for her... my feelings for her were strong and I care for her a lot, although I can not say I loved her. I remembered how many times I tried to go for her, and I remembered that we would tell each other everything...She seemed clear from any danger but within seconds later she died in her sleep, and the doctors ran in trying to bring her back but nothing worked... she was gone. Her beautiful looks would soon turn pale and cold with no pulse. One doctor covered her face with the white hospital sheet that she was sleeping under just a few minutes later. They moved her now corpse out of the room, while my guilt and sadness grew like a disease, infecting my entire body.I ran out of the hospital and kept on running, across the streets, between allies, through the park, pass the cemetery and then I reached the river. My tears came down like rain in a hurricane. A yelled her name, and it echoed through empty night while the breeze made trees shiver. Time stood still for that...

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