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Stop The War On Drugs Essay

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Ever wonder why the United States is building more prisons than schools or why the United States has the largest inmate population in the world even though the U.S. accounts for 5% of the world population or why gang violence is increasing? The War on Drugs has been the cause of major casualties in our society. Most of the casualties are innocent people or drug users whose life has been greatly impacted by the War. This prohibition of drugs is the cause of many problems that plague our society. The War on Drugs has failed in many different aspects in our society, and the War on Drugs must be stopped.The War on Drugs is not an actual war. It is the policies and laws that the government uses to try to limit drug production and use. These policies include laws that ban drug paraphernalia, harsher penalties, mandatory sentences, and increased police power. The United States spends billions every year on the drug war. Drug use or reported drug use has become grounds for loss of employment, denial of education, housing, welfare assistance, seizure of children by the state, and confiscation of property. The government has mandatory sentences for drug possession which is the reason why so much of our prisons are overcrowded. These mandatory sentences force judges to use fixed sentences to individuals convicted of a crime, regardless of fault or other mitigating factors. These mandatory sentences depend on the type of drug, how much did you have, and if you had prior convictions. Many addicts of drugs are going to prison where not much help is provided to deal with their addiction. Instead of receiving treatment in the form of rehabilitation programs, they are going to prison. In addition, when the drug users get out of prison there are many restrictions put in place that another type of criminal would not have. Restrictions like no public housing, and denied federal benefits for home and student loans, grants for higher education, and government contracts and grants. If you are convicted of a drug related crime you cannot go to college to improve your life because no federal funding would be available to you. The only thing you could do is work at some dead end job, sell drugs, commit crimes, or go to the military. Many people consider this the drug draft. Teens convicted of drug crimes cannot go to college because they cannot afford it. Therefore, they end up going to the military and a lot of them are minorities.In economics, there is a very simple concept. This concept is known as supply and demand. Supply and demand states that in a free market if there is a demand for a product the market will supply the demand. We cannot stop the law of supply and demand more than we can stop the law of gravity. There is an incredible amount of profit that drug traffickers get when they sell drugs. This profit is due to the fact that the drugs themselves are illegal. Rival gangs and cartels compete with each other over territory and drug smuggling routes. This...

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