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Stora Enso Co Financial Analysis

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A.In what ways has the company you have chosen made use of international financial market as a source of finance.Stora Enso is an integrated paper, packaging and forest products company producing publication and fine papers, packaging boards and wood products, areas in which the Group is a global market leader.Stora Enso sales totalled EUR 12.8 billion in 2002. The Group has some 42 500 employees in more than 40 countries in five continents and about 15 million tonnes of paper and board annual production capacity. Stora Enso's shares are listed in Helsinki, Stockholm and New York.Stora Enso serves its mainly business-to-business customers through its own global sales and marketing network. A global presence provides local customer service. Customers are large and small publishers, printing houses and merchants, as well as the packaging, joinery and construction industries worldwide. The main markets are Europe, North America and Asia.The Group has production facilities in Europe, North America and Asia. Its modern production capacity and the good integration between raw material, energy and efficient processes ensure production continuity.Stora Enso is committed to developing its business towards ecological, social and economic sustainability. This commitment is demonstrated through its values and its environmental and social policy, and has been recognised by selection for the Dow Jones DJSI World and DJSI STOXX sustainability indexes since they were launched in 1999. Stora Enso had the highest score in this sustainability ranking among forest products companies in 2002 . Stora Enso is also included in the FTSE4Good index.In the future, companies will be measured by more than just financial success. That is why we created the FTSE4Good Index Series, a family of benchmark and tradable financial indices.FTSE4Good indices have been designed to measure the performance of companies that meet globally recognized corporate responsibility standards, and to facilitate investment in those companies.Transparent management and criteria alongside the FTSE brand make FTSE4Good the index of choice for the creation of Socially Responsible Investment products.Stora Enso, has a Consolidated Financial Statements system, which is regarded as the most clear method for those Multi National Companies that have several subsidiaries all over the world, and want to make easier the way they report their statements. The Consolidated Financial Statements, report the results of operations and financial condition of a parent corporation and the subsidiaries in one set of statements.Stora Enso´s funding policy states that the average maturity of outstanding loans and committed credit facilities covering short-term borrowings should be at least four years and the most seven years. The policy further states that the Group must have committed credit facilities to cover all known funding needs, commercial paper borrowings and other uncommitted short-term loans.In accordance...

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