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The use of the computer has had a dramatic impact on everything we as individuals and businesses do since its inception. Computers have gone from being the size of an entire room to something that can be held in your hand. They have also become a main source of storage. The need for storage has grown by leaps and bounds as more types and amounts of data are transferred and stored. Words, images, streaming video are all types of storage that are being housed on networks today.
One of the earliest forms of data storage was the punch card. Punch cards were perforated paper that stored patterns that were used on cloth to make designs. They were then able to store data, but could not hold much. Their primary use was to store computer settings for different machines making for easier programming. Then came punched tape, magnetic tape and compact cassettes, all of which were used to store data on PCs.
Then the floppy disk arrived on the storage scene. Originally they were designed to replace the tape drives on computer systems. Tape drives are still used today for the back-up of data. Floppy disk started out almost the size of a piece of paper, eight inches (Watson, 2010). They were quite large. Over time, the floppy disk reduced in time. They went from eight inches to 5.25 inches then finally down to 3.5 inches. The amount of data stored on a floppy disk was small compared to today’s standards. At that time, most data being stored was simply words and pictures. Floppy disks were sufficient space. Users had to physically carry the disks from user to user within a company. Luckily, they were within close proximity as networks were still fairly young.
Storage Technology has changed the way businesses performed their daily functions. As the need for data transfer became more apparent, networks grew. They were able to create and store information on a disk drive made for sharing or the hard drive on their computer. They no longer had to keep a paper and pencil in hand to write down the information. Businesses realized that it was more cost effective to store the data and make it accessible over a network than to keep it on paper and mail it to the other user. They also did not have to worry about misplacing that piece of paper. The only thing they had to worry about was the computer crashing, of course, back ups of the data being stored were made.
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