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"Store And Forward: A Collaborative Approach For Developing Interactive Digital Media (Idm) For Classroom Instruction." An Article Review And Summary.

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Both students and instructors may benefit from the use and availability of digital media technology. This technology that was once used by primarily business environments is now being offered to students. Henke wrote an article in 1997 for a doctoral dissertation that states, "Delivering instruction using a variety of modes (visual and verbal) allows more students to receive and access information through their preferred media and can increase learning." The usage of mixed educational tools, such as lectures and interactive, technological lessons, promotes students to be active in their education instead of depending primarily on verbal lessons of educators.However, Professor F. Riley of Keele University argues with this by saying, "Analogue methods of teaching and learning should not be abandoned and superseded by digital methods unless clear cost and pedagogical [educational] advantages exist." For example if a school develops a one-time media product, it is no longer cost-effective because of the time and knowledge required to produce the media, as opposed to the length of time that it is used.Henke and Latendresse provide two ways to make interactive digital media (IDM) both cost effective and a positive addition to the learning environment. The first way is called a store and forward method. The store and forward method, although not a new concept, requires both the student and faculty to work together and develop IDM for instructional use, as well as providing a way to store the content, and forward it to its desired users as needed, as well as the possibility of the information and changed at a later date.One example of the store and forward method is discussed in the journal article. It is based on an IDM developed by students at Bowling Green State University. Students in 400-level courses in collaboration with faculty developed supplemental modules for 200-level students to help them understand the concepts involved with offset press production. This IDM was necessary because laboratory time was limited and lower level students were not able to have hands-on experience. Through the IDM modules, students learned how to load and unload an offset plate as well as how to set a pile height for the same press. This is classified as a store and forward because the information was able to be forward to the desires users and was saved for other generations of students to update and use at a later date.The second method is the Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate (ADDIE). This...

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