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Store Your Data In The Cloud

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What is cloud storage?

Simple terms, it's a storage that can access anywhere. By storing your files on-line and accessing it anywhere while using your laptop, mobile device or another PC.

It’s offered a faster, easier and safer backup than conventional methods of file storage such as bookshelves or cardboard files.

Cloud storage support both personal and business uses. By this, you can access your files and programs from any computer anywhere in the world, with an Internet connection.

Cloud storage needs hosting companies to operate a large data centers, and people who require their data to be hosted a data storage capacity from them.
That can be access using public network or WAN (Wide Area Network).

How it cloud storage works?

In modern technology, the number of files and document are keep growing until no space to store.

That’s the idea cloud storage came out. Cloud storage works with a combination of an on-line backup or storage service and cloud computing for data management. All the information that received from user is located in the server which means some other people called as a data center.

Data centers can be located anywhere in the world that depending on your storage provider. The provider responsible to take care the security and privacy of your data by using encrypting the data.

Cloud storage can serve to protect your files and data from computer failure, theft or any other type. Having your data on-line also give you ability to share some or all to friends, family, or co-workers.

Who is using it?

Either individuals or businesses, those use public or private cloud storage.

Can backup your information data and files. If you get hacked or you pick up a virus that prevents you can access form backup.

Can access to clients or employees around the world, which mean are safer rather than sending data using the worldwide web.

Cloud storage, can upload data, or files, then share it to the people. They can then go on-line to the cloud storage provider. Data will remain in the cloud storage servers until you owner delete it personally.

Many other Internet users and businesses are using Cloud Storage providers for security reasons.

Many cloud storage provider using a high security. This makes your data more secure. The providers also avoid malware or viruses from corrupting your data.

Data communication concepts related

Cloud computing and storage involves the transfer of data and programs from user computers to Internet servers. This allows you to access your data from any device with an Internet connection, and can allow easy collaboration among users from different geographical locations. It’s working with large amounts of data in on-line clouds can require substantial bandwidth to ensure a smooth experience.
To explain more it divided into 4 things:

Bandwidth refers to the speed of your Internet...

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