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In the short story "The Storm", Kate Chopin demonstrates that the zealous storms which rage within us can be particularly greater than the actual events it self. The two main characters, Alcee and Calixta are two estranged lovers that re-encounter during a storm and relive their dormant passions. Chopin uses strong symbolism in "The Storm" to represent the twist of emotions and characters overpowered with an unsettling dark passion. Chopin also uses symbolism to embody the new life of Alcee and Calixta.A storm symbolizes conflict and turmoil. Chopin uses the image of the storm to represent the sexual tension building throughout the story between Alcee and Calixta. As the storm worsens, so does the sexual tension between them. Calixta is becoming as unsettled as the elements outside, as the passion in which the storm rages echoes her inner emotions. This is illustrated when "Calixta nervously began to gather up from the floor the lengths of a cotton sheet". The dark gray sky is a reflection of the obscure and prohibited passion felt by Alcee and Calixta. It is a dark passion felt by both because they are both happily married with their respective partners. It is understood that Alcee is happily married when he "wrote a letter to his wife, Clarisse…it was a loving letter, full of tender solitude." It is evenly confirmed that Calixta is happily married when "she gave him a smacking kiss on the cheek that resounded." Having an affair outside of the marriage is prohibited and is viewed as immoral, so they are both feeling the tension brought on by their forbidden passion. This is made known when prior to Alcee arriving to...

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The Storm Essay

1289 words - 6 pages A Symbolic Storm Cheating is a destructive act that periodically results in a termination of a relationship. In this case, Kate Chopin’s short story “The Storm” features a symbolic storm which forces a passionate and married woman in encountering her past love. She is left in an extraordinary situation which could potentially terminate her relationship with her family. The storm functions as a mean to an end, as it deliberately build the

The Storm Essay

657 words - 3 pages The Storm Upon first reading of Kate Chopin's, "The Storm," you initially come to a broad conclusion that the title has something to do with this short story. Not only does a storm ravage a small rural community in the physical realm of the story's setting, but also the title assumes a more symbolic meaning after reading this selection. This in its entirety is a storm; a storm that is strong and overpowering yet quick and

The Storm

1006 words - 4 pages The Storm The purpose of this paper is to analyze The Storm by Kate Chopin. In this paper we will look at the setting, atmosphere, plot, character, foreshadowing, symbolism and theme of this story. Setting and Atmosphere This story is set on a sultry afternoon in south Louisiana near Biloxi. The body of the story takes place in Calixta's home during a fierce summer storm. The atmosphere is charged with electricity and sexual tension

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1231 words - 5 pages The Perfect Storm by Sebastian Junger is an account of an immense storm and its destructive path through the North Atlantic. In late October of 1991, crews of several different fishing ships left their port for their final haul. Little did they know that they would soon cross paths with one of the greatest storms ever recorded. This particular storm would create huge swells, high winds, and hard rain. The system, was said to be a “perfect storm

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1410 words - 6 pages Storm Boy is an Australian movie that has been loved and has given great pleasure and joy to a wide range of audiences for many, many years. Not just Australian audiences but also overseas, where people have learnt a little of what Australian scenery looks like.The first day of shooting the film was on 24th May 1976 but before this many decisions had to be made. Matt Carroll, the producer had to get permission from the author of the book, Colin

The Storm

868 words - 3 pages The story, "The Storm," revolves around the act of adultery and how it becomes a positive thing for a woman named Calixta. In the story, Kate Chopin first starts out with Bobinot and his son, Bibi, being stuck at the store, due to a heavy storm that was going on. They worried about Calixta, Bobinot's wife, being worried where they were and if they were safe. Calixta was sewing at home when the storm started, so she ran out to get the


1688 words - 7 pages It is quite difficult for someone of the western world to have never seen any of Storm’s work. Like most, my introduction to his work was through the well-oiled, finely tuned mammoth of machine called Pink Floyd; an amazing band (I might add) who grew up with Storm. Nearly all the artwork published under the guise of Floyd is thanks to Storm and his colleagues at Hipgnosis and Storm Studios. You could say Storm caught a few breaks in his

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664 words - 3 pages " By midafternoon the Andrea Gail is ready: The food and bait have been stowed away, the fuel and water tanks have been topped off, spare drums of both have been lashed onto the whaleback, the gear's in good order, and the engine's running well."(45) From late September till October 1991, a crew of six men were sent out to sea on the Andrea Gail. Their destination was The Grand Banks. The Perfect Storm written by Sebastian Junger is an

The Storm

1119 words - 4 pages existed in that age. However, what we see on the news everyday was a totally different story. The question becomes what leads women to commit adultery and what did they get out of it. In “The Storm” by Chopin, the marriage between Bobinot and Calixta was both successful and unsuccessful. Bobinot was extremely loyal to Calixta as he does everything only for the family. He went grocery shopping for Calixta and his son. In the meantime, Calixta was

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525 words - 2 pages Usually when someone commits adultery, they are eventually discovered, the family is torn apart, and lives are ruined. However, in "The Storm" by Kate Chopin, Calixta carries on daily life as usual after she cheats on her husband. Calixta has a poor marriage that forces her to turn elsewhere to be satisfied regardless of how society would react if they found out. Calixta and Bobinôt's marriage is one that is obviously

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1263 words - 6 pages darkness trying to spot the bomb I could have sworn I had just heard. Then a sharp flash echoed throughout the room seeping through the cracks on the barricaded windows. It must be another lightning storm! They were regular occurrences in summer but they aren’t usually so noisy. The whole house seemed to be shaking and groaning as if there was the 3:30 underground to Paddington was on top of it. I spread my hands out in front of me and slowly

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Storm Essay

1044 words - 5 pages Storm Moving. Walking. Running. Anything to get away. A game of cat and mouse. James smelt the dry air through is nostrils, pondering the thought of water. Falling into a heap on the hot sand, he curled up into fetal position. He tasted his dried tongue and tried to wet it again but to no avail. “” stand up James! His conscious was screaming. They will get you James! the storm! This made James snap out of his melancholy

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986 words - 4 pages In Kate Chopin’s “The Storm”, sin happens to make a bond stronger than before. The story illustrates a couple who seems to be similar to the nature surrounding them. Both Calixta and Bobinôt happen to be going through a stormy period in their marriage. Although they are going through this turbulent period, Bobinôt’s actions display his imperfect but unconditional love for his wife. Bobinôt may not be the husband Calixta dreams of but throughout

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629 words - 3 pages Kate Chopin’s short story, “The Storm,” focuses on Calixta and Alcee, two characters who committed adultery after being brought together by an unexpected storm. Because Chopin wrote this story in the 1890s, the lack of passion and sexual attraction in marriages is portrayed. The bad weather set the stage for both Calixta and Alcee to act on their sexual urges, which ultimately gave them a feeling of renewal in their marriages. Chopin intertwines

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659 words - 3 pages "Experience is not what happens to you; it's what you do with what happens to you."- Aldus Huxley. Just as Huxley understands the importance of properly handling difficult situations, Adrienne Rich, author of Storm Warnings, relays her strengths in times of storms. With a peaceful yet concerned tone, concrete detail, and dramatic organization, Rich draws the readers to a better understanding of themselves during times of both