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Storm Of The Century Essay

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Storm of the Century Geography National Geographic created an interesting video showing various aspects of geography and how those aspects effect each other. The video was educational and it kept the viewer interested. The video starts off with a brief summary of storms from the past. The Great Blizzard of '88 in the eastern United States left over 400 people dead. Even though in the 1800s modern forecasting was introduced by the development of the the telegraph, we still could not control the storm, only slightly predict it. I also learned how intense hurricanes can be as reports showed up too 120 mph winds in Texas in the year 1900. The advancement of ...view middle of the document...

I also learned how these storms begin with as many as 3000 flashes of lightning in the first hour. I also learned how massive snowfall could be reaching up to 2 feet deep in North Carolina and 4 feet deep in mountains. Temperatures went as low as 25 degrees in some places. On the other hand the storm had a international effect as we saw fires in Australia. I also learned how low air pressure comes with storms and leads to a greater number of child births. I learned how physical geography effects human geography as the storm left 270 people dead. It also effected airlines and business. Flight schedules were interrupted everywhere. It had a great economic because it left the United States with billions of dollars in economic losses. It was a struggle for survival as we saw the students at Smoky Mountains. The storm led to the largest peacetime search in United States history.Farmers across the eastern United States suffered greatly because their crops were destroyed by the storm.The most violent elements of the storm was also wide spread as it spread to over 700 miles of the east coast. There was a storm surge on the gulf coast as enormous waves crashed into the rocks destroying many homes. It also grew very rapidly especially in Florida where it really wasn't expected. The storm interrupted weather patterns all over the world and left the economies of many nations to temporarily stop business. These are the reasons why this video was called The Storm of the Century.

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