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Story About A Boy And A Dumpster

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Dadster Posh rushed to the refuse dump. He always went there whether the dustbin was full or not. Early in the morning, he put on his blue pairs of shorts and his red T-shirt. This wear made him look like a young football player. As for this boy of twelve, rubbish was never kept at home for a long time.
On Tuesdays, his grandmother received some provisions from town. She would cook and create more rubbish. This would give him another opportunity to go to the refuse dump at sunset. Despite the fact that the place stank, Dadster Posh was very attracted to it. This made the old woman to suspect his movements to the site. She thought his going there has some other motive.
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"People don't eat vultures, but why?" He went near it and pressed the trap with his left leg to release the vulture. It soon flew away happily but in pains. He hid the trap near a big tree and left.
About fifty meters away from the refuse dump, Dadster Posh met a girl of five. She was loitering there alone. She was busily scratching her left leg. At this time of the day, little children were washed down by their mothers to get them ready for school. The sun has shown itself in the sky but it was not hot yet. Thick clouds abounded above. The weather was dull but there was no sign of rain.
"What are doing here alone?" Dadster Posh asked the little girl.
"I'm strolling." replied little Evelyn.
"All alone, where is your mother?" continued Dadster Posh.
"I don’t know, maybe she is in the house." said the innocent girl.
Dadster Posh thought she had the same blameless look of the bird he has just freed. Luckily her house was on his way. He could escort her to her mother without spending a lot of time. This encounter baffled him. He did not understand what the girl was doing there and why her leg was itching.
When he arrived home his grandfather has already woken up. He was then waiting for his breakfast in the dining hall. His grandmother would go to the market after the octogenarian has eaten. Dadster Posh lived with his grandparents. His mother divorced his father when he was five. She has now gone for greener pastures in the district capital with her younger daughter of six. Dadster Posh lived alone with his grandparents.
Twice a month, his grandmother Magode visited his mother and got some provisions for the family. The visit should fall on a market day. Food stuff, canned food and all kinds of provisions were purchased for her. But what concerned Dadster Posh were not the items she brought home but the garbage they would generate.
However when he went to the refuse dump, there was no bird caught in the trap. There were two more traps set, making four in number, some with iron wire. These were too dangerous as they could break the legs of the bird. With a stick, he began to free the traps. But as he was about to do the same to the third one an old man appeared.
"What are you doing, boy?" asked the old man. He was one of the elders of the village.
"I'm removing the traps" replied Dadster Posh.
"May I know why?" continued the elderly man, “Do they belong to you?”
“No!” Dadster Posh mumbled. “But they are too dangerous for us, the children, yesterday a little girl was nearly caught by one of them."
"However I warn you not to temper with hunters’ traps." advised the old man. After the elder has left, he continued with his job of making the third and
fourth traps harmless.

Dadster Posh visited the dump every morning before going to school. He used to take the dustbin on his head and off he went. He did not care any longer whether the dustbin was full or not. The Tee-shirt and...

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