Story About A Wealthy Incompassionate Man And The Building Of His Hotel

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In 1881 Mystic Springs patriarch Dr. Addeneye Cooke influenced the railroad to bring a line into the area. He would build his mountain top Grand Hotel from the local lime stone,the cornerstone of his new city. Soon after the cattle barons, steal magnates, and bankers bought up most of the land. They financed the various cultural amenities such as an opera house, a fine art museum, and a theater. The great Andrew Carnegie himself had the library built.They paved the streets with cobblestone and had sidewalks installed. The socialites had built themselves a small metropolitan getaway in the middle of nowhere.

Dr. Cooke’s Grand Hotel was scheduled to open in a month, the various craftsmen where rushing to finish the lavish Victorian style details of her interior. To help speed things along several of the workmen were living in unfinished rooms during the construction. One of them was a burly upholsterer named James Kelly who had an English accent and bushy brown handle bar mustache . Kelly had a temporary shop set up around back in the basement. He had already upholstered over two hundred and fifty dining room chairs with crimson dyed leather fastened with ornate brass tacks. Now he was working on the hotels crushed velvet settees and chase lounges.

It was a lovely morning around 10 o'clock when James Kelly stopped working to take a short brake, as was his custom. To bolster his strength until the midday meal, he removed a little silver snuff box from his pocket and sniffed a pinch or two of cocaine before leisurely drinking a pint of cool, hard cider. Enjoying a breath of fresh air in the open door way he removed his derby hat. A receding line of curly brown hair stuck to his forehead from perspiration. He gazed across the valley admiring the lush tree topped hills, as he wiped his heavy Neanderthal like brow with a handkerchief.

Dr Cook emerged from the stable after running his favorite stallion, wearing a fine pair of English riding boots and carrying a riding crop. Addeneye Cooke was a handsome, but cruel man in his early fifties who stood just over six feet tall.
A Scottish Terrier pup that was playing by the fence got his attention. Quickly glancing around, convinced that no one else was about the Doctor for no apparent reason violently kicked and whipped...

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