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Sighing, I pushed the door open to the cafe, turning my collar down and absentmindedly shaking the rain off my umbrella. In stark contrast to the cold outside that flushed cheeks and threatened frostbite, I revelled in the warmth that seeped through my bones and the cordial ambience that filled the room.
Smiling, I greeted familiar faces, making my way through the tables to my usual spot.
I sat down, adjusting my skirt as I settled into the comfortable chair. My wrinkled fingers traced patterns on the steamed glass of the window beside me as I waited to order, staring almost enviously at the young couple a table ahead, clearly still in the awkward adolescent stages of their relationship. ...view middle of the document...

Trying to suppress these thoughts only panicked me more. Everyone around me – from the teenagers slurping their lattes to the business men typing away at their glowing keyboards – had done something with their lives, had a reason to be remembered. Yet here I was. Alone, left only with my memories – and how much could they do?
My eyes lingered on the girl a seat away, so captivated by her book that not even my colourful memories would draw her attention. I remembered the days when a book could capture my attention, too. The carefree summer nights spent in the old barn down in the country, where the musty air would be filled with our chatter. The parties where the drinks could be any colour imaginable, the memories irreplaceable, and the laughter unforgettable. I closed my eyes as the memories flew through my mind, surprisingly vivid and bright.
I remembered my father’s words as he told me that memories would be the only thing I would have, in the end. He told me that even after everyone was gone, I would still have the souvenirs I had collected from the landmarks of...

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