"Story And Structure" By Thomas R. Arp And Greg Johnson.

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This is a story taken from the book, "Story and Structure" by Thomas R. Arp and Greg Johnson, tenth edition. This is a Critical Analysis of the story for my English 102 ClassAdam FosterEnglish 102August 8th 2003Essay Number Two(2)Essay number Two(2)Critical Analysis of "A jury of her peers."This story is about a farmer, John Wright, who is murdered; his wife is arrested for the murder. The next day, the sheriff, the county attorney, the sheriff's wife, and a neighbor couple go to the Wrights'house. The women are there to pick out some clothes for the accused wife to wear; the men are there to find the motive to the murder.The main theme in this story is about gender discrimination and the way the men treat and stereotype the women. Early in the story one can begin to see the gender discriminationand how the men view the women and women in general. The men refer to the women as Mrs. Wright, Mrs. Hale, and Mrs. Peters. To the men, the women have no separate identities but are known only through the husbands to whom they are married.At the start of the story, the sheriff runs into Mrs. Hales home asking her is she would come with them all the while grinning because he believed that his wife was getting "scared" and wanted another woman along to comfort her (358).Once they arrive at the murder scene, the investigators pretty much ignore the kitchen. In one part The Sheriff says, "Nothing here but kitchen things" (364) all the while he laughs about the insignificance of kitchen things. This shows the total lack of respect on the part of a woman's duties or a woman's things. Mr. Hales goes on to say, "Oh, well, women are used to worrying over trifles." Pointing out that what a woman worries about is stupid or too small to concern oneself with, this is a classic sexist's point of view. But it is precisely these types of "trifles" that eventually lead the women to the conclusion that Mrs. Wright did kill her husband, and why she did it.The kitchen contained a lot of signs of Minnie Wright's life of abuse and violence, things that are seen clearly by the women and ignored by the men. At the same time the three men are searching for clues and evidence to lead to a motive, the women are discovering for themselves the actual motive for the murder. While the men ignorethe "woman things" and search everyplace else except the kitchen, this is actually where the motive to the murder is discovered, and not by the men.With each demeaning remark made by the men the women grow closer to each other as if they voluntarily segregate themselves from the men and see the men as their enemies. Whenever the men would enter the room the women would go silent and only speak to defend a woman's point of view. Its easy to see the women's increasing discontent with the men's remarks throughout the story. After the county attorney rummages through the kitchen Martha Hales...

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