Story Of A Streetdog: Golden Retriever Vs. Pittbull

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Pacing up and down unknown streets I didn’t know where I was headed. I just kept my four paws moving. Door to door I would go and beg for food. Usually the people were really nice in the neighborhoods I explored but when I received nothing more than a lousy chicken bone I would rummage through every trashcan I could find. Not knowing how I wound up on these streets I just thought it was normal for the world to be my home. It was actually fun not having a set territory that I have to stay in like those “house dogs.” I am free to run and roam where I like. It does get lonely at nights but I am thankful it is the warmer time of the year. It makes sleeping outside every night easier. Most of the other “street dogs” describe me as the most masculine and handsome stud there is. I am just wondering if that is the case, how come I have not met me a little Lassie yet?
Sleeping on a bench in the local park I get to see all kinds of Lassies. For the past couple of weeks I have laid my eyes upon this gorgeous long haired golden retriever. I think her owner really likes me considering she comes over and rubs my head and feeds me a treat on their daily walk. I can’t help but perk my ears and wag my tail when I see her. I just keep thinking to myself that I need to learn her name. All of a sudden my daydreaming is interrupted when I hear the sound of the dark truck “Beep. Beep.” I dig my nails into the bench and jump off with a quickness. As I am running into the lush greenery that surrounds the park I feel my throat close in and a sudden jerk pulls me back. I have been caught. Although I tried to fight the man by gritting my teeth and trying to scratch him, he threw me into a silver cage in the back of the dark truck. He slammed the double doors with a quickness and I was forced to just sit and wait.
The back of this dark truck just smelled unsanitary. It smelled like desperation and rotten food. The fact that there was another dog in there with me reassured me that I was not totally alone but that ended quickly when the black and white pit bull became the devil and would not stop growling at me. It was a short ride and we came to an abrupt stop. I had organized a plan that when the man opened the back double doors I would try my hardest to push my cage off the edge of the truck and hopefully hit the ground so the cage would break and I would be free. However, when he came to open the doors he had a friend unlike me and this pit bull. All his friend kept saying as he was lifting me out of the dark truck was “He is such a handsome german shepherd.” and “I bet a lot of people are going to want to get their hands on you.” I just sat in my small cage and curled my lip at both men. You’d think this guy had carpal tunnel in both of his hands. He dropped me twice while carrying me to the shelter or that is what they kept calling it. I could still hear the black and white pit bull growling behind me. He took me into the building behind another bigger...

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