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The story of Grace is also the story of peace and love. It shows that family doesn't have to mea blood. Grace is a gift to these children. She is all that is good in this world and knew how to bring out the happiness and trust in Jodi and Billie Jim after having their hearts and bodies hurt. She taught them lessons to help them in the future with or without her by their side.Jodi is the epitome of mistrust and has every reason to be that way. In her mind, every adult will hurt her or let her down. She said, "You can't trust them for nothing." She meant every word. I believe she felt like an object to be used and didn't really value herself. She couldn't see that there were good people in this world. I think she wanted to believe Grace and Paul were good but had only been shown otherwise her whole life so she pulled those thoughts back in because they were ALL bad.When Grace and Paul picked them up, Jodi was always on guard even though they were nice and tried hard to get her to relax. They took the children to a nice dinner and tried to make them feel comfortable. In the beginning Grace tried to hold Jodi's hand but she pulled back and that was ok. She wasn't ready yet. Grace didn't try to force anything. She wanted to teach the children to trust her in their own time. Jodi still felt like Grace and Paul were going to do bad things. By allowing Jodi to come around on her own, Grace gave her the tools to learn to trust again and that all adults weren't bad. All Paul and Grace wanted to do was show them love and to teach them about their heritage. The wanted show them life was about...

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2436 words - 10 pages dense part of the film in it. The audience are now completely terrified because of this outcome. This music, which is being played, really gets the tension flowing and scares the audience, the director has also used split scenes from the children outside to grace in the house. This is effective as it shows the same thing happening but in different places, like it is showing the truth but showing it one by one. The audience have now come to the peak of the films story; they have been twisted by the end effect, they never knew that that was going to be the outcome and know realises why other actions have taken place.

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