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PART I (Think Indiana Jones with a dash of Close Encounters)
Comfortably retired from an ordinary career as a commercial artist, James Cagney (No, not the movie star) had settled into a satisfying routine that he thought would last indefinitely but a chance meeting with two young FBI agents changed everything. The memory and talents of this much older man proved to be of great value to their current investigation in that, unknown to them, the will-o-the-wisp they were chasing was more the age of James Cagney and was employing methods and devices of a bygone era to function and cover his tracks. For Mr. Cagney it was all a matter of perspective, experience, a good memory and a penchant for puzzles.
The new partnership takes the agents, our hero, his estranged wife and the female supervisor of the agents named Alice Dance, on a twisted trail peppered with danger and discovery, from his small town existence to Washington, to Cleveland, to the Panama Canal, to Germany and finally to a desolate place near the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. There the crew uncovers a fantastic secret that will change the history of the final moments of World War II.
PART II (Think Indiana Jones with a big dash of Close Encounters)
The successful conclusion of their first challenge reveals some puzzling findings that hint at a greater mystery that could not be ignored. This new hunt takes the adventurers, now named the Dance Band, and a new member on a quest that begins in Egypt. From there they travel to a hollow mountain in Germany and then to a moon of Jupiter by way of a portal which is an instantaneous transport device and there they meet an alien. They learn that he was stranded there, dormant, in a slower than light speed starship. They named him Moses. He was sent to Earth five thousand years ago with a specific mission that failed. He tried again seventy years ago but that too failed. Something bad happened on his home worlds long ago and he was trapped.
Part III
Thanks to the new diminutive member of the Earthling group, the alien manages to activate a second portal that takes them to a small planet called Nexus that has over a million portals - many ruined in the war. He invites the group to join him as he attempts to travel to his home planet to discover what happened so long ago and to rescue the woman he loves. She is in a dormant chamber on a pleasure planet.
With the blessings of the FBI Director, the Earthlings leave with the alien. If they fail to return in one year, Special Forces from Earth will attempt to follow.
They find that the direct route to the five home worlds is impossible but there is access to other planets once ruled by the alien's race. Some are ruined by an ancient conflict and abandoned; some have strange vegetation and even stranger animals. Others have remnants of the alien population but they have regressed to subsistence farmers and have lost their history. Finally, on an agricultural planet they named Shenandoah they...

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