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Main - The name of the character is Marcus Ryder. Marcus’ voice was very deep, it had a magical tone to it and he sounded very well educated. He was 5’11, barrel-chested, brawny and bullnecked. His face looked seamed, and weather-beaten which always made him look very serious. Marcus was an African American raised in a little shack located in the slummiest part of Detroit, Michigan. He was born in 1949, and was brought up the youngest of 11 siblings, all boys. His brothers were all either drug dealers or pimps. Marcus never had anybody to emulate, or look up to as a role model. Marcus never felt complacent with his family’s standard of living. Marcus along and his siblings were ...view middle of the document...

Marcus was riding in the bus, and jumped out of the window instead of defenestrating his mother. This affects Marcus, by driving him to protect his family against criminals and gang members.

Secondary - Pap is Marcus’s dad. Pap was never a supporter of Marcus’s ambition to fight crime and defend his family in an overt way, mainly because he felt it wasn't possible and his son would get killed. Marcus always felt that he needed to gain his father’s respect.


The story is mainly centered in the slums of Detroit, Michigan. Here, Malcolm lives with his family in a dirty dilapidated apartment building. The building looks decrepit, with peeling paint and plywood covering its windows. This building has been a magnet for taggers who enjoy vandalizing. The apartment has many empty rooms, and as a result people are always trying to get inside of the vacant units to sleep for the night or do drugs. This Apartment bulling where Malcolm lives in smells like mildew and mold. The projects are extremely dangerous because of the gangsters, drug dealers, pimps, and hookers that live there. Drug dealing is happening in almost every corner of every street. This makes the mood of the area quite fearsome, as civilians and neighbors of the apartment building are always scared that they may get attacked or robbed by angry gang members. Malcolm’s families mood is gloomy, pessimistic and downbeat.
Although Malcolm travels across the whole city of Detroit, he is mostly around his apartment building in the projects. He travels throughout the whole city in attempt to find the gang leader who murdered his mother. Malcolm travels through scary alleys, nightclubs and other areas. When traveling to find the murderer, Malcolm is scared and frightened because he knows that he may get killed in the process. The weather is marked by rainy and cold days, where the sky is dark. However, the overall atmosphere for Malcolm is positive and optimistic because he believes that he will be able to accomplish his goal of finding the murderer and bringing him to justice.


Third person limited point of view will be used in this story. The reason I will be using this form of pinnated view is because i want to be able to express Malcolm’s ideas, thoughts mindset clearly. I will be telling the story of Malcolm from a bird’s eye point of view. This will help me voice Malcom’s objective, while also allowing me to express Malcolm’s feelings of the other people around him.


This story is about a young man, Malcolm, who overcomes his constant anxiety by defeating the force from which it stems. He finally kills the gang leader, and thus destroys the gang, leaving him no more worries. The story happens in Detroit, Michigan in the 1960’s. This is a hero’s story, where Malcolm is on a journey to bring to justice, the person that murdered his mother. Malcolm matures throughout the story and gains experience with preventing crimes, and finding clues to find the gang...

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