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Storytelling Web Design: A New Buzzword For 2014

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Summary: Story telling has become a new buzzword when it comes to website design. This article is going to elucidate on the aspects of storytelling when it comes to website designs.
The human society is based on the aspects of storytelling. When it comes to telling stories, it is one of the primal forms of communication on which probably history is made. In the recent times, website designers have inculcated the aspect of storytelling in the business of web making. This article would be focusing on the aspect of storytelling, how it is going to change the subject of website design eventually.
The Stories and the design
No other thing can help us to store, manage, or communicate other than stories. It is the true nature of the humankind to respond to any content, which explains through a narrative to describe a particular situation. It is with the help of the story, through which, we create cognitive maps and several mental models of the said situation.
So how Story is beneficial to us as a communicative tool?
It is the story, which helps simplifying the complex aspects in many ways. Stories are something, which helps in making material aspect of the circumstances more memorable in every possible ways by evoking feelings and emotions. It is storytelling, which helps in the pursuing the audience where facts are unable to convey. This further helps the audience to reach a desired conclusion of their own.
Moreover, the story help curtails the aspects of information overload, which further helps in clearing the path required for the attainment of goals.
How can we strike a balance between stories and website designs?
There are some elements, which a designer has to keep in mind when you are planning to tell a story through website designs. There are certain questions you should ask when you are planning your website based on the storytelling. Who are the audiences you are planning to target? What are the main objectives for your site? In...

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