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Stouffer's Strategy Implementation In Italy Mgt 448: Global Business Strategies

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Stouffer's Strategy Implementation in ItalyPrior to entering into a foreign market, American companies should perform an analysis to determine how they will address the often-overlooked issues of business, including human resource requirements, legal and ethical issues, information technology, cultural awareness, and research and development and supply chain management. After an analysis is completed, the company, in our case Stouffer's, will determine how each of these aspects, as well as the inherent risks associated with the country in question, Italy, will impact our business operations. These risks can also affect the employee productivity, especially if certain aspects or policies of the company are at odds with the cultural or national beliefs of the employees. Finally, the company must take into account how each of the business functions will differ from those of the native country and how these differences will affect operations as a whole.Human Resources Management (HRM)The role of Stouffer's Human Resources department will be to maintain the link between businesses and the corporation. The structure of the HR function supports this role and enables businesses to act locally while thinking globally.HR management plays a much more significant role in the U.S. than it does in Europe. This is the arena in which Americans have had significant influence on the Europeans, addressing such issues as employee involvement, empowerment and total qualityOnce management establishes a clear vision statement, H/R will need to see if there is the capability and talent in the local workforce to support the endeavor, by hiring, training, compensating and managing people in the organization as it expands. Focus will be on the job applicants' attitudes toward a wide variety of workplace behaviors, including integrity, dependability, service, safety and productivity.It will be important to keep in mind that it may be easier to obtain less-expensive labor, but if they don't have the capabilities that are needed, it may not be a savings because the company may have to supplement it with a large amount of computer support or training.The employment contracts of employment in Italy are governed by:*The Constitution and some specific regulations*Statutes, particularly the Civil Code*Regulations by authorities other than the Parliament and the Government*Custom and practice*Corporate rules determined by collective bargaining.It's normal, in establishing in both parties' interests, that the contract is "indefinite," (or without a prescribed end date) and should provide written details of the following:1.Start date2.Probationary period3.Working hours4.Category of employment and duties5.Job description6.Place of work7.Basic salary8.Non-compete clause.In addition, collective bargains often require that written statements of the main terms and conditions of employment are provided--and this will apply equally to managers (dirigenti) who have their own collective...

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