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Stranded With Who?!?! Essay

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I really could recognize that platinum blonde hair anywhere, that hair belonged to none other than THE Draco Malfoy. But I just really could not think of a reason why he would be in a muggle shopping mall. Its obvious to everyone that he does not like muggles. I knew this to be very true. Being called a mud blood everyday for the past six years is somewhat obvious to me and I'm pretty sure everyone else.

Me being my curious self went and followed him. I felt like one of those spy agents on the telly. Only a big rack of boys shirts stood between my enemy and I. Peeking through the rack I could see Malfoy looking at some board shorts. Oh! my mind finally clicked onto the fact that he is probably here shopping for the party. i really did have no clue that he wore muggle clothing though. I mean they have some really good clothes shops in Diagon Alley, why on earth would he come and shop here? Carefully trying to sneak out my foot got caught in the rack and made a huge crash as it went tumbling down.

Quickly as i could scurried across the shop back to my mother praying to god he didn't see me. I glanced back at where I had just come from and saw him repairing the clothes rack back into place very discreetly so no one would see him.

Mum and I looked for a few more minutes when I came across this really cool bikini set it was pure black and quite showy. Which I did not mind at all. Now having grown up I don't mind wearing matured clothes at all. it was really cheap too and you get a free sarong. i went with the fluro pink type one.

Walking upto the counter with my mother I noticed Malfoy paying for his items. I was hoping we wouldn't bring any attention to ourselves so he wouldn't look at us. But unfortunately as my mum was looking for her credit card in her purse she walked straight into him. My first reaction was to turn myself around so that he couldn't see me. The good thing was over the year the sun had bleached my hair to a very light brown. Unlike my natural quite dark hair. I then hear my mum conversing with him.

"oh I am so sorry I was just looking for my card I should have been looking where I was-"

My mother was then cut off by Malfoy,

"Its alright" he said with a small smile. He then turns towards the counter and picks up his bag. I heard him mutter a thanks to the girl and she says see you next time. Huh it almost seemed like he was an avid customer here. Mum had finally found her card and paid for the items.

On the way home my mind started thinking about Malfoy, I hadn't seen him since he left...

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