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Strategic Action Update Of Bharat Forge:Environments Scanning And Industry Analysis (Pest ,Swot Analysis, Value Chain Analyis, Growth Strategy Pursued.

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Table of Contents:SL No Topics Page N01 Executive Summary 32 Introduction 43 Industry Structure 54 Environments Scanning and industry Analysis, Key success factors in the industry 65 Competition Update 76 Bharat Forge: A brief history and leap of faith 97 Mission Update: Vision 1997- 108 Growth Strategy 119 Value Chain 1210 Competitive Advantage 1311 SWOT Analysis 1412 Key Success Factors 1513 Results 1614 Future Ahead 1615 Conclusion 1716 References 1817 Exhibits 191. Executive SummaryBharat Forge -is one of the most respected names in the forging industry as well as auto component industry in India as well as in international market .The success of Bharat Forge can be attributed to the management particularly the Chairman of Bharat Forge, Mr Baba Kalyani whose foresight has made Bharat one of the largest forging company in the world. His foresight has enabled the company to tide over the downturn in 1997. The downturn itself became a boon for the company as it embarked on its new journey of global leadership. Since then it has never looked back. Over the years, the organization has pursued aggressive strategies to achieve global dominance.The report is aimed at studying the various competencies Bharat Forge possess and various strategies it has adopted over the years. The report also examines the strengths and weaknesses of the organization and how it has been influenced by opportunities and threats posed by external environment. The report also examines the strategy being pursued by the company. Essentially speaking Bharat Forge been following the strategy of "Reaching beyond barriers- derisking by overcoming dependence on local market". The report also examines the road ahead for the company from here.Name of the Company: Bharat ForgeIndustry : Forging IndustryMarket Share : 1st axle component (25 % market share world wide)2 engine component manufacturer in the worldCrankshaft (80 % share in domestic market)Turnover : Rs 6860 million (2002-03)IntroductionBharat Forge Limited (BFL), the flagship company of the Kalyani Group, is a major global supplier of automotive engine and suspension components. The company manufactures a wide range of forgings and machined components for the automotive, diesel engine, railway, earthmoving, cement, sugar, steel, coal, shipbuilding and oilfield industries as also general engineering equipment. Today, Bharat Forge is the largest forging company in Asia and one of the three largest and most technologically advanced commercial forge shops in the world.Industry Structure:The forgings can be subdivided in two parts:There are three steps to forging:There are three steps involved in the production of forging. The first stage in the hammer shop is moulding the raw material that is heated in the furnace. This requires hammering apiece at least five or six times before it acquires a shape. This is followed by the second stage that is forging and then final stage of trimming.Indian Forging Industry Structure§...

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