Strategic Analysis For A College.

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MISSION STATEMENTLyndon state is committed to excellence in instruction and to providing responsive, innovative education in business, meteorology and other programs. LSC provides students with opportunities to participate in a wide spectrum of educational experiences designed to fulfill their academic and career needs. LSC encourage students to seek knowledge and wisdom as lifelong learners. Students are motivated to expand their human potential, enrich the quality of their lives, and develop the job skills and other competencies necessary to function in a diverse world. It welcomes students both young and old who represent diverse educational, ethnic, national, and economic backgrounds.COLLEGE ANALYSISSTRENGTHS* Positive reputation in the community* Student-centered faculty* Outstanding faculty* Focused on undergraduates* Good staff* Excellent students* Facilities include new and well-maintained, attractive buildings* Medium size campus with small class size* Faculty involvement with students* Dedicated and motivated faculty* A technology rich environment* Supports research and developmentWEAKNESSES* Tuition is too high* Curriculum too restrictive; too rigid* Minority enrollment is low* Not enough faculty/staff* Lack of diversity in both faculty and students* Limited course offeringsOPPORTUNITIES* Ability to reach folks through outreach* Networking with other institutions* Growth potential* Development of more short intensive courses and online courses. More student input is needed to schedule classes that are more attuned to students' lifestyles and work constraints.* Development of other graduate programs beside education.* Funding and a priority on education are currently at high levels, providing a good climate for implementing new programs.* The great growth in Internet and web-based technologies provides opportunities to serve others better.THREATS* LSC student enrollment may decrease as alternate educational options develop.Online course offerings from other institutions.Non-academic training options(employer training programs)LSC needs to be able to respond to community educational needs. If not, other educational entities will continue to gain from the college inability to respond tostudent and business demands.While LSC offer high quality programs, the college is vulnerable to virtual and distance learning competitors who offer more convenience and flexibility, characteristics that might appeal to certain students.GOALS AND OBJECTIVESTo sustain the highest standards of quality in teaching- To increase the size and improve the quality and scholarly productivity of the full-time faculty. Growth in faculty size will be driven primarily by tuition and fees from enrollment growth.- Develop formal teaching mentoring activities for new faculty; new faculty can bereleased from teaching during their first semester - this provides anopportunity to experience and learn about the best of LSC teaching practices.- Encourage and support faculty as...

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