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The Strategic Management of Four Seasons HotelExecutive summaryBy taking the Four Seasons Hotels as an instance, through applying Michael Porter's Five Forces Model, the author analyzed the marketing environment and strategies. After that, some ideas for perfecting the marketing strategies were proposed. There are four integral parts for this article. The first part is introduction of the Four Seasons Hotels and the second part describes its marketing environment. After the content of the suggestions in the third part, some notions of strategic management were put forward in the last part according the analysis before. At last, people will understand that it is important for a perfect strategic management to pay great attention to the coordination of management, finance, technology, marketing, brand and culture.1. Background of Four Seasons HotelThe Four Seasons hotel started in 1960 which now has developed into a world famous top luxury hotel management company. Now the company operates about 70 hotels and resorts worldwide - its ownership is vested in different owners (Scoviak, 2000). Since the establishment of the Four Seasons Hotel in 1978, the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Isadore Sharp, has been responsible for the operation of the hotel. Its headquarters are still in Toronto, has managed the 50 hotels in 22 countries around the world (Chesters and Hipwell, 2009). And Bill Gates and Saudi Prince are the major shareholders of Four Seasons Hotel. Four Seasons Hotel also has a residential scheme which called Residence Club, to allow customers to purchase its vacation house, and the price of Four Seasons Hotel is very high.Due to the noble quality and outstanding service, luxury hotel facilities and exquisite Jacuzzi delicacies, the company is committed to excellence,also for too long been dominated by its leading position in the international first-class hotels. The Four Seasons' economic strength, marketing skills, unbeatable customer awareness of services and operating acumen, also bring huge returns for owners and investors. The company also continues to seek partnerships with the world's best hotel management company, in order to improve the efficiency of hotel management and at the same time the owners to maximize profits.People-oriented is one of the highest word frequency in the hotel services research, but how to understand the "people-oriented", and fell to the service with reality is not that simple. Four Seasons Hotel opened before the soft opening is not the face of social, but the face of staff. They will find the problem during a month, which is to ensure that the opening with the 100% quality (Gale, 2008). So starting from this principle, the service of this hotel is nearly perfect. And an important manifestation of Four Seasons Hotel's "people-oriented" is the high degree of protection of the privacy of the guests and equal respect for each and every guest. This, in some country, both the concept of problem...

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