Strategic Plan Analysis Paper

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Total Quality Management (TQM) is an integrated and comprehensive system supported throughout an entire organization. The main goal of TQM is to provide a competitive and sustainable advantage while consistently focusing on the customer. This process will differ by industry, targeted competition, and various other factors, but within the service industry (such as long-term care) five factors are addressed:1.reliability2.competence3.responsiveness4.tangibles5.empathy (John Hopkins University, 2006, p.19).This paper will evaluate the management styles of a long-term care facility that has adopted Total Quality Management and discuss how this facility's management styles compare and contrast with that of Bayada Nurses, a home care agency that provides home care to the elderly nationwide.Management Styles in Long-Term Care Facilities"Compared to other US businesses, the use of quality improvement (QI) techniques such as total quality management (TQM) and continuous quality improvement (CQI) have developed slowly in the nursing home industry" (Castle, 1999, p. 1, para.2).In long-term care settings the judgment of quality is made more in reference to interpersonal relationships with staff that provide the actual care and the environment in which this care is provided. When a resident is admitted into a long-term care facility, they are unlikely to be discharged. The facility then becomes the elder's home. Staffs, volunteers, family members and other residents become the residents' form of support. Because many of the elderly suffer from chronic illnesses, there is a minimal possibility that they will be cured. With this in mind, quality of life becomes very important to these individuals as they deal with the loss of independence and physical or mental ability (Leonard, Wilson, Malott, 2001).In 2001, the Federal Government launched the Long Term Care Quality Initiative which includes the major components of quality assurance and quality improvement which include:•"regulatory approaches where the state and federal governments establish standards, require documentation, inspect and sanction deficiencies in respect to structure measures (staffing, resources, and environment requirements);• process measures (documentation using standardized instruments of care that minimally meet the needs of residents);•outcome measures (QI measures, such as documentation using standardized instruments of health and functional status patterns);•financial incentives/disincentives: Federal, state, and other private public payers can establish financial incentives and disincentives that sanction or reward behavior as measured by any of the structure-process-outcome components;•Empowered consumer decision making: dissemination of quality data on providers to support consumers, advocates and group purchasers to foster the use of quality indicators in selecting and evaluating services" (Capitman, Leutz, Bishop, Casler, 2004, p. 15, para. 1).In...

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Strategic Plan Development Paper - Riordan Manufacturing

1285 words - 5 pages IntroductionIn this paper our learning team will evaluate the strategic plan for Riordan Manufacturing. We will evaluate the role that Total Quality Management has at the strategic level; including the mission, goals of the organization and the organizational objectives. In addition to that, the team will look at and develop a long term strategy for globalization for Riordan Manufacturing. Further, we will look at the complexity of Total Quality

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1120 words - 4 pages The purpose of this paper is to analyze role of Total Quality Management (TQM) in the strategic plan of Riordan Manufacturing. Summarize the Riordan Manufacturing Mission, Vision and the importance of TQM as a strategic level objective. Also, identify the impact and complexity that globalization has on the TQM strategies at Riordan Manufacturing.Riordan Manufacturing views TQM as a collection of processes. We maintain that our organizations must

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1387 words - 6 pages after because of the proven track record in the power generation field. TQM can be implemented in the energy generation field to raise productivity of the power plants and the quality of work being done. Several benefits of implementing TQM and a good strategic plan are that you will reduce the cost of quality, and you will increase the employee morale by reducing the amount of rework in the facility and also reduce the amount of complaints from

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1000 words - 4 pages investigation resulted in new management structures such as a Total Quality Operation department; some of the tasks of this department included the reviews of the quality system; company-wide goals, dealing with administration and production departments; councils, dealing with service and delivery departments; analysis of defects and processes' restructure, and the key focus "was the reduction of cycle time, the time required to complete any

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1362 words - 5 pages As competition within the business community increases, the organizations that do not want internal change begin to disappear. Change can be a frightening experience in business, but it can also be intimidating. Companies who have seen success in the past are not as willing to change. These organizations feel if they can keep on doing the same things they have done in the past, they can continue to be successful. Unfortunately this business

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1264 words - 5 pages According to Burrill, and Ledolter (1999), "organizations do not embark on a quality improvement effort simply to be nice. They do it for economic reasons, and they do it to achieve organizational goals" (p. 9). This paper will evaluate the mission, vision, goals, and objectives of the Public School District. This paper will also compare and contrast the management style of the Public Schools with the management style of an organization that has

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1465 words - 6 pages Missile Defense Agency's Strategic Plan AnalysisIt is critical that the Missile Defense Agency, MDA develop a well thought strategic plan, because a great deal of their funding and successes come from a tremendous amount of research and development. Their strategic plan has to be reviewed and approved by the Secretary of Defense and by Congress to approve their budget. The strategic plan is a classified document that discusses future systems and

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1157 words - 5 pages with each client's specific goals and situation. The monitoring practices of IBIC are also a demonstration that some of the TQM principles are in practice.IBIC has a long way to improve its TQM practices. In comparison to some of the other companies that have perfected the concepts, IBIC has much room for improvement. At any size and within any industry basic TQM principles can be cultivated into the strategic plan for an organization. All for

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Strategic Plan Analysis Paper

1067 words - 4 pages on management on all levels. A good strategic plan and TQM can reduce the costof qualtiy and increase employee morale by reducing the work load, which ultimatley reduces the amount of complaints from customers. Employees will begin tofeel more apart of the organization and expectations will be meet.ReferencesShapansky, K.(1994). How fact based Management works for Xerox. Retrieved March 15, 2008, from

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