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Kudler Fine Foods is a successful grocery store in California. The company has tailored their product to serve those wanting a one-stop shopping experience for all their gourmet-cooking needs. The company has experienced immediate success and growth since opening in 1998. This paper will give an analysis of Kudler's strategic plan and the role of total quality management, summarizing the organization's mission and vision and if TQM could be a strategic level objective for this organization. As stated by the Indian Institute of Material management (2005), "Business today is in a global environment. This environment forces companies, regardless of location or primary market base, to consider the rest of the world in their competitive strategy analysis" (p. 2). For this reason, this analysis will also identify the impact that globalization has on TQM and how globalization increases the complexity of TQM for this organization.Mission, Vision, and Strategic ObjectivesThe mission of Kudler Fine Foods is to provide customers with the finest in wines, food, and other needs in an unparalleled consumer environment (Apollo Group, Inc., 2006). This mission is accomplished by having helpful, knowledgeable staff that combines to create a pleasant shopping experience for customers. Kudler goes to extensive lengths in order to bring the world's finest products to its customers; this is to ensure that each customer is purchasing the best in gourmet food products.Kudler Fine Foods has experienced considerable growth and due to this growth is looking to increase its services and improve the effectiveness of its operations as well as increase the customer purchase cycle. The strategic objectives of the organization are to increase revenues by expanding services, create a frequent shopper program, and increase efficiency within the organization to minimize costs (Apollo Group, Inc., 2005).Kudler would like to increase customer loyalty within the next 12 months by offering high-margin services, understanding the purchasing patterns of its customers, and provide services that are more efficient to its customers. This goal will be achieved by creating partner programs with suppliers and cost reductions. By creating a social network within the stores, the new customers will be obtained through word of mouth of current customers. (Apollo Group, Inc., 2005).Strategic Management ObjectivesKudler Fine Food's mission to provide the finest in selected foodstuffs in an unparalleled consumer environment is at the forefront of the organizations 2007 objectives. Kudler's' TQM is at the strategic level objective. Burrill and Ledolter define strategic quality planning as "a process that follows a written procedure, is regularly applied, and produces a written document called the strategic plan" (1999, p 295). Kudler Fine Foods set their 2007 objectives to focus on expanding services, improving the efficiencies of its operations, and increasing the consumer purchase cycle as a means...

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