Strategic Assessment And Plan: A Four Phased Approach By J Sullivan

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Strategic Assessment and Plan: A Four-Phased Approach
In the article, Strategic Assessment and Plan: A Four-Phased Approach, Sullivan J., (2006), provides not only a pragmatic path to strategic planning, but framed an easy to use recapitulation of the four phases and the ten steps. The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast the strategic planning process in this article with the process of strategic planning in Kaufman, Oakley-Browne, Watkins & Leigh, (2013), Strategic planning for success: Aligning people, performance, and payoffs. It will also show how these processes can be useful in the motion picture industry as well as the real estate business.
The book used a Six Step approach. In (2006) the Four-Phased Approach is guided from a servant-leaders’ perspective, while the book has a different perspective. While there are many variables in the two perspectives, there are many similarities as well. These similarities are grounded in the primary stages of both the Four-Phased Approach and the Six step approach. The both strongly support the need for many questions which ought to be asked and answered prior to any other steps being taken. The main difference is the strategy, theory, styles and order of the probing. Establishing the ideal vision is the first step after, preparing to plan in the Six Step approach. But it is phase two of the Four- phase approach.
The Sullivan (2006), opens with a brief introduction suggesting that occasional assessments should be in order for every organization and leader. It suggests that strategic and critical thinking are the forerunners when tackling the new paradigms leaders face. It further elaborates that critical questions should be asked regarding research findings and new realities, followed up with provocative thinking and planning (Kaufman et al, 2013). A detail plan to plan is provided.
Sullivan, (2006), keeps it simple and simply asks in phases one, two and three questions; Where are we? Where do we want to go? How are we going to get there? During the appraisal rung (phase one), leaders must evaluate its mission and concerns, the responsibility of the leader and take the pulse of the organizational culture. It must be determined, who are their customers and accurately categorize the business type. A clear understanding as to the purpose of the organization and why it exists is crucial. Then, what is to be done now is addressed.
In the early stage of the process, responsibilities are reviewed. Who is responsible for what? The organization must address its internal and external environments. Also in the initial phase strengths and weaknesses are examined, much like the six step plan of strategic thinking and planning. Furthermore Sullivan, (2006) advocates a guided- hands on leadership style which discovers the skills and talents of an organizations workforce. It further points out that an organization that does not provide stellar customer service,...

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