Strategic Assessment Of Kemira Oyj Essay

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1. Introduction
This report aims to analyze and assess the strategy, organization and operations of Kemira Oyj, Finnish headquartered corporation engaged in production and sales of chemicals for water related activities across the world. The organization, which was founded in 1920, has grown, over the years to become the largest global provider of pulp and paper chemicals (Kemira Oyj, 2014a).
This analytical report investigates and assesses various aspects of Kemira’s organization, its operations, and its strategies, aiming to provide appropriate recommendations for enhancement of its strategic effectiveness and competitive advantage.

2. Organizational and Situation Analysis
This section deals with the analysis of various aspects of Kemira’s organization, strategies and operations in order to arrive at a comprehensive and multitude perspective assessment. The analysis has been carried out with the help of various management tools and techniques.

2.1 Mission and Vision
Kemira’s organizational mission is to achieve higher than market growth through its competent employees, its high performing organization, its product and service innovations and its increasing presence in mature and selected emerging markets (Kemira Oyj, 2014a). Its overall strategic objective is to provide chemicals for businesses related to water quality and quantity management (Kemira Oyj, 2014a).
The company aims to serve customers in water intensive industries, providing expertise and chemicals to improve the water, energy and raw material efficiencies of its clients (Kemira Oyj, 2014a).

2.2 Product Portfolio
Kemira’s business activities are organized in three product-based segments, which operate in the area of water quality and quantity management (Kemira Oyj, 2014a). These three segments include products for Paper, Oil and Mining and Municipal & Industrial segments ( Kemira Oyj, 2014a). The organization has recently divested the assets of its fourth segments, namely ChemSolutions and is expected to discontinue its operations by the end of March 2014 (Kemira Oyj, 2014a).
Kemira’s paper segment provides chemicals to the global paper and pulp industry and helps clients in constantly enhancing their operational efficiencies; the organization develops and introduces new products to fulfil customer needs for paper wet-end, especially in packaging, board and tissue (Kemira Oyj, 2014a). The organization is a technology and market leader in paper wet-end chemistry (Kemira Oyj, 2014a).
Oil and Mining
Kemira provides innovative chemicals and application knowledge for enhancing process efficiencies and yields in recovery of oil, gas and metals (Kemira Oyj, 2014a). The organization provides water chemicals for raw and waste water applications and sludge treatment in North America and EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) (Kemira Oyj, 2014a). It helps its clients to enhance water treatment efficiencies through high performing products and application support (Kemira Oyj, 2014a)...

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