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Strategic Audit Essay

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Target Group

Haagen Dazs has differentiated its target group from the start of its growth. While the ice-cream industry was considered worldwide as a low price industry and mostly targeting in small ages, Haagen Dazs has from the start been focus on adults, who love the luxurious ice cream flavors. An important reason for taking this choice has been their premium price strategy, since only the financially independent adults could spend more money for high quality ice creams.
The second target market are the health conscious adults, who are interested in desserts, but they prefer natural ingredients and low fat substitutes. Focusing only on these two target segments, they might have a small ...view middle of the document...

Usually they feel more special, different and in higher quality level than the others. These category of people are too emotionally linked to brands, and since branding is mainly emotional based, this target segment is very important for Haagen Dazs.
Thus, in the Haagen Dazs shops the company tries to train the franchisers to focus on high quality service, behavior and keeping the products within a way that they can be always fresh and delicious (Dazs, 2014).

Strategies of the competition

The company has come up with different ways to be better than their competitors. With Haagen Dazs, they have come up with a quality that attracts its customers and makes the product to be very popular for different people. They use good ingredients that make the products be unique and better than other products. Some of their competitors include Doce, Criativa, Ice Dreams, Pingo Doce, Conchanata, Neveiros and Coromoto. Häagen-Dazs is a profitable company globally, with total sales of more than $900 million. In the 1990s, the company saw its sales grow very fast. However, now its markets are facing a lot of change and very aggressive competition. Many of the company’s marketers are responsible for Häagen-Dazs’ ice cream strategy planning in the world.

According to researcher observation, there are very few visible marketing activities in the ice cream industry; meanwhile, activity largely remain sat level of point-of-sale, posters, leaflets and promotional articles. One reason for this might be the high percentage of sales remains in the hands of small manufacturers, who cannot afford the cost of a proper nationwide marketing campaign. In the same situation, the inactivity of previously state-owned companies prevents them from developing a good marketing strategy.


Advertising and Promotion
The Increase of General competitive activity from 1987 to 1991

Operations Strategies

Year £'000
1987 5,673

1988 7,275

1989 8,847

1990 16,814

1991 14,471

Product differentiation - Offering the best practice on a continuum in such product attributes as consistency, durability, reliability, or reparability.

Services differentiation - Providing speedy, convenient or careful delivery, customer training service or consulting services that customers need.

Channel differentiation - Design the best channel's coverage, expertise, and performance.
Personnel differentiation - Hiring and training better people than their competitors do.

Image differentiation - Developing a strong and compelling image calls to communicate the product's distinctive benefits to the consumers, by building a brand around a famous person, or associating with colors, chosen symbols, characters, and other image elements.

Functional Strategies

All in all, hard ice cream sales in the world have stayed flat just below 300 million litres. However, a few new entries into the market have made a big splash. Starbucks is one of the brands that sprung up. In its first year in...

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