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Strategic Change: The Case Study Of Daimler Chrysler

6544 words - 26 pages

School of Management (PG)Assessment Cover Sheet
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Date Due

18th December 2006

Student Name

Miss. Winna Boonkham

No of Words


Programme and Centre

In marketing

Word Limit

Table of contents & list of references will
not be included in the word count.
The use of appendices is not permitted in
assignments and students should be
aware that work submitted as an
appendix in an exam project will not
count towards the final mark of the exam project.


MSc Corporate Strategy Examination project


The key concept for this examination project is Strategic Change . Students are required to undertake 3 tasks:
Discuss the nature of strategic change and explain how it is different to other forms of organisational change
Choose an example of a company that has gone through a strategic change in the past 10 years and explain the main external and internal drivers of that strategic change
Evaluate the extent to which the strategic change has delivered a sustainable competitive advantage for your chosen example.

Learning Outcomes: On successful completion of this assessment, the student should be able to demonstrate:

Outcome type



Intellectual & cognitive skills

Think both theoretically and strategically about business.


Intellectual & cognitive skills

Critical evaluation of business facts and business research data.


Intellectual & cognitive skills

Ability to distinguish between assumptions and evidence in research publications and business reports.


Professional & practical skills

Ability to analyse a company's business environment and identify opportunities and threats at industry level.


Professional & practical skills

Ability to analyse a company's internal capabilities and resources.


Knowledge & understanding

Knowledge and understanding of the impact of contextual forces on organisations and business operations, including legal systems; ethical, economic, environmental, social & technological change issues; corporate governance and international developments.


Knowledge & understanding

Appreciation of the development of appropriate business policies and strategies within a changing context to meet stakeholder interests.

Basis of Assessment
Markers are required to put comments in all the sections

Weighting %

Presentation and Style (B1)
Marker's comment/s
Well structured and written


Evidence of Reading/Application of Theory (B2)
Marker's comment/s
You have demonstrated reading beyond the main texts and have used your material well.


Discussion of the topic (B3)
Marker's comment/s
Critically evaluative discussion with necessary description


Use of Applied Examples in Context (B4)
Marker's comment/s
Useful examples linking theory to practice


Summary or Conclusion (B5)
Marker's comment/s


Markers: Please note marks must be put on...

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