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Title:Assignment topic:Identify an innovative approach to strategic human resource development in an organisation of your choice. This approach should represent a new direction in response to identified organisational needs and environmental demands.For example, the chosen strategic HRD approach could address the needs of a specific strategic group, reinforce organisational positioning, address management development/transition needs, focus on talent management or retention/re-engagement of high achievers.Write a short case study about this innovative approach to strategic human resource development, emphasising:• The historical background and environmental conditions that led to its development,• A description of the approach, attitudes and behaviour involved in the innovation,• The strategies that were employed and which ones contributed most to the success of the innovation in strategic human resource development,• Your evaluation of the pros and cons of this approach.You can find examples of relevant cases through your reading of books and journal articles and/or through research via the Internet.Word count (from the start of the Introduction section to the end of the Conclusion section): 2,500 wordsExecutive SummaryThis paper is based upon Credit Management & Debt Recovery Pty Ltd ("the Company" or "CMDR") located in Adelaide, South Australia. Although based on a real world example, I have disguised the Company's true identity due to the sensitivity of the information discussed.My Proposal identifies the issues encountered by an organisation as it strives to achieve sustainability and growth. A critical analysis of the concepts, theories and principles provides the foundations for aligning human resources function with Company's strategy. My recommendations increase the capacity for the Company to achieve its long term goals by initiating an evolving framework fortified by integrative linkage.Proposal for Strategically Managing the Human Resource Function at Credit Management & Debt Recovery Pty LtdThe area of HRD is, according to Strategic Human Resource Development in Organisations (Yorks 2005) "… informed and influenced by fields such as adult education, adult development, organisational psychology, economics and organisational theory."IntroductionFurther to the Board's instructions, I am pleased to present my Proposal for Strategically Managing the Human Resource Function at Credit Management & Debt Recovery Pty Ltd ("the Company" or "CMDR").This Proposal should be read in conjunction with the Independent Review dated 9 March 2014 (Appendix A) and the Company Structure & Hierarchy Diagram (Appendix B). The Proposal is divided into the following three sections:a summary of the background information regarding the Human Resources Management ("HRM") issues at CMDR;areas of improvement and justification for implementing changes; andbenefits I hope to achieve through the implementation of my...

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Strategic Human Resource Management Essay

1450 words - 6 pages workplace and open book management style (Gireesh Sharma, 2010). The major HR practices are; human resource planning, compensation, appraising, union-management relationships, training and development and staffing. For the attainment of competitive advantage via the department, it has to have in place both strategic thrusts and targets. An organization always has four targets that it can use for competitive advantage. The activities represent

Strategic Human Resource Management. Essay

2035 words - 8 pages create the conditions under which potential leadership qualities become effective, or it can stifle potential leaders (7). Strategic HRM ensures that the right conditions are created by enabling the human resource functions the chance to have a say in the development of the business and the objectives its sets. Without an effective Human Relations approach the necessary environment for leaders to develop does not exist. Much research has been

Strategic Human Resource Management

1780 words - 7 pages resources so as to effectively operate and avoid conflict of interests (, 2010). Therefore, for the development of the employees to be achieved and hence outcomes realized the human resource department has to be in place. The department will effectively address the changes in the labor environment and as a result bring great outcomes to the organization (Strategic-human, 2010). References

Strategic Human Resource Management

2057 words - 8 pages leaders. It can only create the conditions under which potential leadership qualities become effective, or it can stifle potential leaders (7). Strategic HRM ensures that the right conditions are created by enabling the human resource functions the chance to have a say in the development of the business and the objectives its sets. Without an effective Human Relations approach the necessary environment for leaders to develop does not exist

Strategic Human resource management

8652 words - 35 pages Strategic global human resource management research in the twenty-first century: an endorsement of the mixed-method research methodology Timothy Kiessling and Michael Harvey Abstract Global competition is rapidly becoming the norm in which nearly all business organizations must compete in one fashion or another. The complexity and value of strategic global human resource management (SGHRM) will continue to compound in significance as

Strategic Human Resource Management

1671 words - 7 pages and development, etc. It is a very important and tiring job where the manager has to take interviews for the required position and an equally able skilled candidate is to be selected. Any type of staff's shortage is informed to the management and they take the task of fulfilling the demand. There are some important activities that the human resource management handle i.e. human resource planning, job analysis and design, recruitment and selection

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2839 words - 11 pages specific set of Human Resource policies, send employees a specific message about what the company expects out of them and what the company values. Understanding allows employees to be on the same page regarding company expectations. This is positive both for the creation of a harmonic work environment and for organizational efficiency: where employees clearly understand what is required from them their job performance as evaluated by company criteria

Human Resource Development

3395 words - 14 pages Human Resource research analysis on Shell Global & Tesco Report TASK 1&2IntroductionHuman Resource Management is the department within an organization which manages the organizations workforce. Human Resources is responsible for recruitment, training and development selection, motivation, salaries; assessments, rewards and movement of staff through the organization as well as compliance with the various laws relating to employment. It

Strategic Management and Strategic Human Resource Management

3306 words - 13 pages information about human resource capabilities helps 'top' managers choose the 'best' strategy, since they can consider how well each strategic alternative would be implemented (DeCieri & Kramar 2005). Once the strategic choice has been determined, the role of HR changes to the development and alignment of HR practices that will provide the company with employees having the necessary skills to implement the strategy. In addition, HR practices must

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768 words - 3 pages Untitled STRATEGIC HUMAN RESOURCE CHALLENGES Today's human resources managers face three basic strategic challenges. One is the need to support corporate productivity and performance improvement efforts. With the globalization of the world economy, competition has soared, and with it the need to continually improve organizational performance. Second, employees play an expanded role in employers' performance improvement

The Practice of Strategic Human Resource Management

1522 words - 6 pages , for example, by focusing on resource issues.The Development ProcessThe process of developing HR strategies involves generating strategic HRM options and then making appropriate strategic choices. These choices should* Relate to but also anticipate the needs of the business* Be congruent with the present or desired culture of the organization* Have the capacity to change the character and direction of the business* Equip the organization to deal

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Strategic Human Resource Management Essay

1247 words - 5 pages Armstrong ( 2010) defined Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) as “an approach to making decisions on the intentions and plans of the organisation in the shape of the policies, programmes and practices concerning the employment relationship, resourcing, learning and development, performance management , rewards and employee relationships,” ( p. 115). There is a paradigm shift from a functional role to a tactical one through the

Strategic Human Resource Management Essay

2154 words - 9 pages development of a general theory for HRM seems impossible. However, Boxall (1996) say that HRM is unique in that it seeks to strategically integrate the human resource function within the overall corporate strategy. Having said that, we'll look at the modern role of HRM in today's context and briefly discuss some of the differences, reasons and recommendations to move from Personnel to HRM from a strategic point of view.Personnel Management and

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2169 words - 9 pages Introduction: -Define SHRM and HRM Strategic human resource management is concerned with implementing long-term human resource practices and policies that allow for the generation of skilled and motivated employees that the organization needs to remain competitive in the future. It is proactive, to ensure that if a problem or opportunity arises that, there are policies and practices already available to tackle these issues before it actually

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1324 words - 5 pages This paper presents an assessment of the role of strategic human resource management (SHRM) and its links with the strategic business objectives of Leeds City Council. Task 1 AC1.2 HRM evolution • The first wave arose with Storey’s New Perspectives on HRM (1989) • The second wave arose in consideration of: • Social and economic context of HR functions • HR and organisational performance • New organisational forms and HR • HR and knowledge