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Strategic Human Resource Management Essay

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In 1993, there were three men who decided to join into a new business venture (Steve Schlossberg, Larry Coltelli and Martin Kandell). Of the three men, one of them was a telemarketer for a timeshare company (Steve Schlossberg) while the other two men were timeshare salesmen for the same timeshare company (Larry Coltelli and Martin Kandell). One day, they decided to begin their own business together since they had about 30 years of experience between them.The three future owners had a vision to offer discounted vacations to different families in the United States. They felt that if they were able to offer quick, accurate and affordable vacations to different families, the families would eventually decide to purchase timeshare through their company. It was their vision that made them decide to name the company Accumen Sales & Marketing Group. The timeshare industry was a very hard business to succeed in since timeshare had a bad name for many years. They hoped that by naming the company Accumen, it would show their clients that they placed their focus on providing vacations that were accurate based on what the clients were promised to receive.Located in Daytona Beach, Florida, the owners believed that the company would have a great chance to succeed since the company was located in one of the biggest vacation destinations in the country. Hundreds of thousands of tourists came to Daytona Beach every year to enjoy different special events. They used events like the Daytona 500, Spring Break and Bike Week as their marketing strategy to lure and sell tourists on purchasing vacations and timeshare property.To start the company, the three owners managed to put together $15,000 they saved to cover all the start up costs of their outbound call center. This allowed them to lease out a location and hire a staff of ten telemarketers that would make the company $200,000 in its first year of operation. To ensure the company maximized their potential, the owners were firm believers that a company can only go as far and strong as their Human Resources department. Human Resources would implement the structure, policies and procedures that would allow the company to be profitable and managed properly.The most basic part of HR policies constituting a strategy for the company to follow. If a company chooses to spend a lot of money on training, this would be to benefit from the long-term benefits of sales. It would also be to reduce turnover and increase employee tenure. Internal inconsistency of HR policies can cause organizational failure and could compromise the company's overall performance. Ultimately, employees could choose to not to follow policy because it is their belief that no one follows it. This leads to a huge problem in sales production when working in a sales environment. If employees do not respect their employer and its policies, then there can potentially total chaos which could ultimately cause the company to lose large amounts of money....

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Strategic Human Resource Management Essay

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