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Strategic Human Resources Research PaperInterClean, Inc. is an institutional and industrial cleaning and sanitation industry. InterClean is within the $8 billion profit margin and has been very successful. However, the market has begun to change and has a forecast of consistent change. InterClean realizes that their best products are not going to expand the company into new competitive markets. Success comes down to providing solutions and services along with a high quality product. This will cause a shift within the labor force particularly the sales department. All the changes and implementations are to happen in 90 to 180 days. A schedule of such tight magnitude will require a dedicated, ...view middle of the document...

1). The EEO is much like a guideline to analyzing the probabilities of success with expanding into unknown territories for a company. InterClean will need to make sure all areas are covered and understood. "All aspects of a firm's human resources activities, such as hiring, promotions, discipline, termination, transfers, training, and compensation, are to some extent influenced and constrained by the equal employment and labor relations environment" (Dougherty & Dreher, 2001, p.1). In the case of InterClean the key to success is taking advantage of all the available talent in the company.Univera and Atlas Castings and TechnologyThe InterClean scenario is about compliance with changing regulations and their changing to solutions-based selling. The problems facing InterClean lie with the transition of solution-based selling and the employees being comfortable with the old way of doing things. The HR department has a great deal of work to do to see what level their current employees are at as well as the employees from EnviroTech. Training will be necessary for them to transition smoothly. Atlas, Univera, and InterClean all face external changes in technological advancements and market changes. For instance, Atlas and Univera moving toward globalization as well as trying to keep up with all the constant advances in technology related to their industries. Internal forces for change come from inside the organization. These forces may be subtle, such as low job satisfaction, or can manifest in outward signs, such as low productivity and conflict. Internal forces for change come from both human resource problems and managerial behavior/decisions (Kinicki & Kreitner, 2004, p.673). Internally, Atlas is having major changes with their management team and their corporate structure. Univera's internal changes relate to customer satisfaction, restructuring, and rebuilding their customer/associate trust.British Petroleum (BP) Amoco and Toyota Motor CorporationOrganizational capability is a vital tool that is used by the HR departments at both BP Amoco and Toyota. "Organizational capability is a firm's ability to manage people to gain competitive advantage. Organizational capability relates to hiring and retaining competent employees" (Dougherty & Dreher, 2001, p.4). Both companies have made changes to attract customers and improve their position in the marketplace throughout the years. Toyota believes in continuous improvement while BP Amoco used careful preparation to accomplish a highly successful merger."Some companies seek "right types" or candidates who will "fit" the company's culture and who are similar to current incumbents" (Dougherty & Dreher, 2001, p.59). This type of organizational fit was used during the restructuring process during the BP and Amoco merger. Training and development is a core human resource management activity and is related to other ideas about the need for continuous improvement and development over time...

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