Strategic Importance Of Gwadar Port For China

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Strategic Importance of Gwadar Port for China

South Asian Studies

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Strategic Importance of Gwadar Port for China
Gwadar is a city, part of the South Asian continent, previously ruled by Oman till 1958, and now legal part of Pakistan (officially by 8 September 1958). In Pakistan, besides Karachi and Port Qasim, Gwadar Port has become the third main sea port, situated on 600 km coastal belt and western side of Baluchistan area. It has been considered one of the most important trade routes for oil tankers of the Persian Gulf. Initially it was just a fishing village, along the Makran Coast, now has taken its toll to provide strong importance to China, South Asia as well as Middle East. Because of its strategic importance it has been said to, not only just result in strong Pak-China friendship but also provide a lot of opportunities for hefty increase in employment and for the rise of generation of good revenue in billions.

The highways that have been constructed in the process connect Gwadar Port not only to the Central Asian and Gulf regions but also to China; to the rest of the world, mainly because of the existence of warm waters that makes it easier to access the sea even in the near winters where other waters fall into the freezing point category. ECO highway, Coastal Highway and other big projects are some of the results and those networks that link Gwadar to Karachi, Makran and Baluchistan. However the construction of the port is only one of the other components of the main plan for Gwadar.

The port is located to the west of Baluchistan, northwest to Afghanistan, southwest to Iran, Persian Gulf in the west, Gulf of Oman in the southwest and finally it is 624 nautical km to the east of Strait of Hormuz. It was taken into consideration for development first time in 1964 but due to circumstances of newly developed state and its problems, the idea was ignored for four decades. With the passage of time, the integration took place within Baluchistan on 1 July 1977. So by 1992, Gwadar harbor reached its completion, on the whole though, Gwadar deep sea port project started in June 2002 with the help of China with its planned steps that led directly to the completion of first phase by 2004.
Value to Pakistan
Gwadar Port has a strong strategic value that also enhances Pakistan’s importance. There are many factors contributing to this, one which being, Gwadar near to the Strait of Hormuz, which witnesses a daily transaction of 13 million barrels of oil. Due to its location, Gwadar would be the more favorable route emphasizing the role of Pakistan in marine/land transportation affairs around the globe opening doors to improve Baluchistan’s living conditions that have been ignored over the decades. Adding to that, China and has already spent $248...

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