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Strategic Information System Essay

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Dean Gay founded Harvard business school in 1908 and established the world’s first MBA program. Harvard business school (HBS) has been famous for its impressive campus for more than 100 years, its amenities and equally for graduating top leaders in many organizations all over the world. Harvard business school generates revenue and makes profit from its skyroketting tuition fees, its executive education programs and is a business of educating people and preparing future leaders. In today's crowded marketplace of MBA programs, Harvard Business School remains distinctive.
Today, MBA programs are the growth market of higher education. In 1966, just 9,000 MBAs graduated worldwide. In contrast, ...view middle of the document...

Throughout the past 100 years, Harvard Business School has been dedicated to developing business leaders, who are motivated not simply by profit, but also by the desire to contribute.
The vision of Harvard Business School is to create business leaders with a broad vision who recognize the interconnectedness of the world.
The goal of Harvard Business School is to strive to create business leaders who must understand that the individual is not enough. True leadership is a matter of values, vision, and having a commitment to a purpose beyond oneself. According to Faust D., 2008, leadership is a means, but not an end in itself, leaders exist to serve followers and the success of a leader is measured by the direction in which the leader takes those who follow.
In educating future business leaders, HBS has in mind the types of leadership traits that are most important. Increasingly, every part of Harvard is focused on producing future leaders. And seemingly all of the schools at Harvard—the law school, the medical school, the school of public health, and more—are interested in working with HBS based on its legacy and expertise in the area of leadership.
Ultimately, the goal of Harvard Business School in the century to come must not just be to educate leaders who make a difference in the world, but to shape leaders who make a difference for the world.
Harvard Business School continues to promote the five elements that are essential for leadership which are:
Judgement developement. With strong judgment, leaders are able to look at a complex situation, work out the right priorities, and determine the right questions to ask.
• Having an entrepreneurial perspective. When leaders have such a perspective, they are not constrained by the current situation. Entrepreneurial vision enables leaders to redefine challenges and turn them into opportunities for growth.
• Using good communication skills. Strong communication and listening skills support leaders in responding to organizations in compelling and persuasive...

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