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Strategic Intelligence And Postmodernity Essay

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Strategic Intelligence and Post modernity- The key to success in the competitive edge"Know the other and know yourself:Triumph without peril.Know Nature and know the Situation:Triumph completely."Sun TzuNowadays, we are living in the competitive edge. Competitiveness occurs everywhere, in our life or business .To survives, we have to create the weapons to attack and defense with the others.In the business world, the market is compared to the business battle field. To be alive, firms have to create the strategies to conquer the others. Moreover, the 21st century is the era of information. Firms are handling with tons of papers such as tax invoices or receipt, stock documents and so on. The bigger the firm is, the more chaotic the firm faces. Luckily, the advance in technology helps firms to deal with the chaotic world.Any firms could transform the data into intelligence, they would get the competitive advantage and reach the growth at last. Strategic intelligence is the intelligence that creates strategy to compete with others. In others words, strategic intelligence is created to help the firms to enhance their capability to transform data into intelligence. It is the effective weapons for the firm to reach the triumph in the information century.In the first part of the essay, I wrote about the meaning of strategic intelligence, the reasons that businesses apply strategic intelligence. How the data transform to the intelligence. The second part presents about the strategic intelligence as the evolution of the Strategic Management which is, in its turn an evolution of Strategic Leadership. The third part of the essay is about doing business in the 21st century- the postmodernism edge. And for the last part, I would like to describe about applying the art of war by Sun Tzu to create competitive strategy for business in the postmodernism edge.Strategic Intelligence and Business IntelligenceWe now live in the competitive edge, how to compete with the others is the topic that firms have to think of. In others words, the firms must attain competitive advantage in order to win or to survive in an industry. In the edge of information maniac, firms try to transform data into intelligence to get the competitive advantage and create future opportunity. Whoever could transform the data to the knowledge and create the wisdom, they will be the first mover in the market. In others words, they would have the chance to be the leader in the market at last. Business intelligence allows us to strengthen ourselves and to magnify our future.Data Information Knowledge Intelligence (wisdom)Strategic intelligence is information that helps the firms to direct and scope an organization over the long-run to meet the needs of markets and to maximize the shareholders' wealth. In others words, strategic intelligence is intelligence that help the firms to create competitive strategy.Business intelligence is the application created to help the firms to use the advantage from the...

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