Strategic Leadership Essay

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Strategic Leadership

The only thing harder than being a strategic leader is trying to
define the entire scope of strategic leadership a broad, difficult
concept. We cannot always define it or describe it in every detail,
but we recognize it in action. This type of leadership involves
microscopic perceptions and macroscopic expectations. Volumes have
been written on the subject, which may in fact contribute to the
difficulty of grasping the concept. One finds confusing and sometimes
conflicting information on this blended concept that involves the
vagaries of strategy and the behavioral art of leadership. Sometimes
the methods and models used to explain it are more complicated than
the concept and practice of strategic leadership itself. Exercising
this kind of leadership is complicated, but understanding it doesn’t
have to be. Beginning with a definition and characterization of
strategic leadership and then exploring components of the strategic
environment may prove helpful. Future leaders must also recognize the
nature of that environment. Finally, they should also have some
familiarity with ways of developing competencies for dealing with the
broad, new challenges that are part of leading in the strategic

What Is Strategic Leadership.

The common usage of the term strategic is related to the concept of
strategy—simply a plan of action for accomplishing a goal. One finds
both broad and narrow senses of the adjective strategic. Narrowly, the
term denotes operating directly against military or industrial
installations of an enemy during the conduct of war with the intent of
destroying his military potential. Today, strategic is used more often
in its broader sense. Thus, we use it to relate something’s primary
importance or its quintessential aspect for instance, the most
advantageous, complex, difficult, or potentially damaging challenge to
a nation, organization, culture, people, place, or object. When we
recognize and use strategic in this broad sense, we append such
meanings as the most important long-range planning, the most complex
and profound decisions, and the most advantageous effects from a
bombing campaign as well as leaders with the highest conceptual
ability to make decisions.

As mentioned earlier, strategy is a plan whose aim is to link ends,
ways, and means. The difficult part involves the thinking required to
develop the plan based on uncertain, ambiguous, complex, or volatile
knowledge, information, and data. Strategic leadership entails making
decisions across different cultures, agencies, agendas, personalities,
and desires. It requires the devising of plans that are feasible,
desirable, and acceptable to one’s organization and partners whether
joint, interagency, or multinational. Strategic leadership demands the
ability to make sound, reasoned decisions specifically, consequential
decisions with grave implications. Since the aim of strategy is to
link ends,...

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