Strategic Management Assignment On Micromax

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Table of Contents
1. Introduction 4
2. Mission statement 4
3. Vision statement 4
4. Product categories 5
5. Major competitors 5
6. Industry analysis 5
i. Threat of substitute products 8
ii. Threat of new entrants 8
iii. Industry Rivalry 9
iv. Bargaining power of suppliers 9
v. Bargaining power of Buyers 9
c) BCG Matrix: 9
a) Stars: 11
b) Cash Cow: 11
c) Dogs: 11
d) Question Marks: 12
7. Benchmarking:-Strategic mapping with respect to competitors 12
a) Pricing 12
b) Products and features 12
b) Market Positioning 13
c) Supply Chain Management 13
d) Financials 13
8. Key Take Away from Financial Data 15
a) Debt Equity Ratio 15
b) Current Ratio 15
c) Fixed Assets Turnover Ratio 15
9. References 16

1. Introduction
Micromax was registered as “Micromax Informatics Private Ltd.” in March 29, 2000 with its registered office in New Delhi. The company is 10th largest mobile handset manufacturer in the world & second largest smartphones company in India. It was co-founded by Rajesh Agarwal, Sumeet Arora, Rahul Sharma & Vikas Jain.Four of them holds important portfolios in the firm:-

Few of the major developments during the course of setting up the business were:

Fiscal Year Key Events
2000 Company was incorporated s Micromax Informatics Ltd.
2001 Started software-commerce & embedded technology business.
2003 Also developed digitally automated traffic information security system for airport authority of India.
2005 Started M2M distribution for Nokia fixed modules
2006 Launch of self-branded products under the umbrella of “ Micromax”
2008 Started business as mobile handset manufacturer
Tied up with BSNL for 3G data cards
Launched data cards with tie –ups with Airtel
2010 Tied up with ONGC & MTNL for supply of data cards
Sponsored & co-sponsored many events

The company had submitted a proposal for publicly listing itself .However the company did not issue its shares in the public domain and is hence not publicly listed. The company co-founders Vikas Jain in a recent interview with ET admitted to the fact of considering going public in 2014 depending on country’s political situations post elections.
2. Mission statement
“Micromax is on a mission to successfully overcome the technological barriers and constantly engender “life enhancing solutions””.
3. Vision statement
“The company’s vision is to develop path-breaking technologies and efficient processes that incubate newer markets, enliven customer aspirations and continue to make Micromax a trusted market leader amongst people. The Micromax ideology stems from its rooted belief in ‘Innovation’ and delivering “nothing short of the best””.
4. Product categories
The product range of the company varies from dual SIM phones, 3G Android smart phones, tablets to LED televisions and data cards .The mobile phone...

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