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Strategic Management Case Study For Iggy’s Bread Of The World

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1.) Igor and Ludmilla Ivanovic tried to bring a social consciousness mentality to their for-profit enterprise. Describe how their mission statement and business model is perhaps different from that of a regular bakery.
Ludmilla Ivanovic attempted to summarize her husband’s personal philosophy towards baking by creating the company Mission Statement for Iggy’s Bread of the World. This Mission Statement promises that Igor and Ludmilla will “make breads of the highest quality and then deliver them daily to our customers with the highest standards of service and integrity … (while also) creating a nurturing and respectful environment at our workplace that fosters cooperation, communication and a sense of accomplishment for all employees.” By trying to introduce their business model with a socially conscious platform, however, the Ivanovics have differentiated themselves from the competition posed by traditional bakeries. Igor’s unhesitant refusal to use non-organic ingredients in his recipes; despite the significant savings this would bring to the bakery’s bottom line, is a strategic management risk of the highest order, because every enterprise must remain financially viable if its Mission Statement is to be effectively pursued. While regular bakery’s remained pleasant to utilize inexpensive processed ingredients, offering consumers a lower-quality product for a lower price, Iggy’s Bread of the World recognized that differentiation was key to their bakery’s success. By identifying a niche market within the overall industry that of wholly organic, unprocessed baked goods and firmly establishing themselves as the leader within this niche, the Ivanovics and Iggy’s Bread of the World have positioned themselves as the preferred alternative for progressive consumers who are willing to pay a premium for healthy, delicious and all-natural food.
2.) As you read through the case, Identify 5 decisions that were made by the Ivanovics and that you believe...

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