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Strategic Management: Investigating Explore's Strategic Plan

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(essay is about: Investigation on how an international tour operator approaches their strategic management. This investigative report covers the following six areas of strategic management: In what areas the tour operator has a strategic plan and what these plans are, what the tour operator does to implement these plans, what factors they take into account when developing strategy, what they consider to be the benefits of using their strategic plans, what possible problems current and in the future their strategic plan could encounter and if the organisation's strategic plan can be improved or developed.)Section 1: IntroductionFor an international tour operator I was required to investigate how it approaches strategic management. I have chosen Explore as the international tour operator for investigation of their strategic management. Explore is a tour operator that started in 1981 the owners are three travelling companions Travers Cox and the two brothers Dereks, travelled together many times and decided to set up a tour operation business that supports and practices responsible tourism. Explore is an online tour operator and offers different holiday packages such as 'activity holidays', short breaks and adventurous holidays', to worldwide destinations, their main aim is to support responsible tourism.I have been asked to produce an investigative report which will cover the following six areas of strategic management: In what areas Explore have a strategic plan and what these plans are, what Explore does to implement these plans, what factors they take into account when developing strategy, what they consider to be the benefits of using their strategic plans, what possible problems current and in the future their strategic plan could encounter and if the organisation's strategic plan can be improved or developed. This assignment also covers Explore's mission statement, SWOT Analysis, PEST Analysis and Porters Five Forces.Section 2: MethodologyTo investigate about this report I used the following websites of the internet:,,,,,, and from that I also used the following books to investigate about this report: Cooper, C., Fletcher J.,Gilbert D.& Wanhill S.(1998) Tourism Principles and Practises and Evans,N.,Campbell,D ,Stonehouse,G.(2003) Strategic Management for Travel and Tourism.Section 2: Explore Strategic Plan on Responsible Tourism2.1'Explore' Mission Statement.'Explore believes passionately in responsible travel and tourism and has promoted it right from the start, 25 years ago. Travel can bring many benefits to the traveller and the countries visited such as learning about different cultures and contributing to the local economy'. Explore aims to:*ensure local crew is treated well and fairly and paid a fairwage. *encourage positive relations with local people and be an economic benefit to...

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