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Strategic Management Plan Recruitment And Retention

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Strategic Management Plan - Recruitment and Retention
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HRM/532 Human Capital Development in the Public Sector
July 5, 2010

Strategic Management Plan-Recruitment and Retention
The strategic planning for staffing and retaining qualified personal as examined by following a few new action plans designed to attract new potential candidates. In addition to recruiting qualified candidates, the city must build a positive workplace for long- term employment. Retaining employees of varying work experience and competence requires a strategic plan of varying effects and efforts. Furthermore, the employers have control over a vast talent pool that has grown over ripe with laid off employees, or displaced workers in need of a quality work environment. Moreover, these workers need the jobs being offered, and will often find any work that will offer them a leg-up in today’s market.
Staffing and Retaining
The first phase is proper advertising of the position within the city. The marketing department along with human resources should develop an informational ad about the position/s. The best options would be to address the requirements, explain the specific job task, and benefits available. The second phase is interviewing the possible candidates. The interviewing process should be formal but also relaxing for the potential applicant. The interview should be conducted with an additional member of the human resources team, along with the senior manager. The interview will need to be answer and question type but also be positive, allowing the applicant to feel comfortable. During the interview, the manager should explain the benefits of working for the city of Detroit, the sincere working environment, training for the position, and possible promotional opportunities.
Once the interviewing, testing, and background checks are completed, the hiring manager must select the best candidate for the position. In the selection process, the strategic planning should be consistent with the city mission and statement. The hiring manager must select based on education, experience, and the applications demeanor during the interview. The selection process should not be drawn out over a long period, this is critical; losing a possible candidate to other employment should be considered.
Once the employee is selected the city must work diligently in retaining the employee. A few possible solutions is to monitor the employee for his or her 90 days, offer a strong training program allows the employee to understand his or her role in the city division. Developing performance reviews within the first six months keeps an open communication relationship about job function, expectance of the employee, and allowing the employee to voice his or her concern over anything. Fixing problem in the beginning based on job function, can lead to the employee enjoying his or her job, and possibly being a long- term asset.
Strategy for Recruiting...

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