Strategic Marketing Plan Amazon.Com With Swot And Pest

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Executive summaryBecause of the globalization of the marketplace, marketing is more and more important. It becomes a key which help companies or organizations open different markets in different countries or maintain their products as a leader. Before that, it has to make the marketing plan that is the soul of marketing. Therefore, this report will first indicate the definition of strategic marketing plans. Then it will look at how important the strategic marketing plan is and the role that it plays in a firm or in a strategic business unit (SBU). After this, it will examine the process to make a strategic marketing plan that starts with mission statement. Finally, there will be an analysis of how to control the plan and implement it. The report uses the company Amazon .com to develop the strategic marketing plan.IntroductionDue to adapting to the changeable environment, companies and organizations will formulate their strategies that suit with their current competence and marketplace and maintain them. Therefore, to realize 'what strategic marketing planning is' is necessary.Generally, strategic marketing plan is a plan that informs company what they should do when facing the environment change or other factors. It is made for long term, between three and five years or more. Before starting to introduce the process, it is beneficial to comprehend how strategic marketing is essential for a company and an organization.The practical benefits of it are to increase 'revenue and profit', reduce business 'costs' and enhance 'return and investment.' (McDonald, 2002). Indeed, effective strategic marketing plans not only bring economic income or benefits but also give a definite direction to head in.Strategic marketing plan is concerned with adapting the organization to a changing environment more effectively than their competitors. "Organization succeeds when they meet the needs of customers more effectively than their competitors" (Doyle 2002, p. 92). The market's drivers for change (Cravens & Piercy, 2003), some of which are far beyond the organization's sphere of control. Adaptability becomes an inextricable phenomenon in mainstream marketing environment. The organization has to monitor key macro environmental variables (demographic, economic, technological, political, and socio-cultural) and microenvironment variables (customers, competitors, distributors, suppliers) that affect its ability to retain customers (Kotler, P. 2000). In order for it to achieve and enjoy a comparative advantage, the organization executes a careful strategic planning, and using marketing strategies to achieve this aim.(Cravens & Piercy, 2003) underlines the fact that the strategy marketing plan demands a methodology to be followed and should begin with the company's forecast and objectives.Strategic planning and business development are intrinsically linked; the latter cannot be successfully accomplished without regard to the former.Insight to the company...

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