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Strategic Marketing Case Essay

650 words - 3 pages

CBA CASE STUDYSTRATEGIC MARKETING CASE"NOKIA'S TURN TO EAT HUMBLE PIE"Communication plays a very important role in our life. Nowadays, cellphone is one of the "must-haves" in our day to day living. With its large target market, different mobile telecommunication companies have been trying to penetrate the markets to offer their latest innovative mobile products.One of the famous and successful mobile phone manufacturers in the world is Nokia. Like any other companies, Nokia has been able to use strategies and approaches to meet the needs and demands of their target market. It keeps being the leader in the mobile telecommunications relies on its plentiful experience, technology innovation, and scientific marketing strategy.However, it can be said that the company still needs to consider other strategies to remain competitive in the market because of the cut-throat competition in mobile communication. This can be evidenced by their shares to dramatically down by 20% due to the penetration of their competitor. Nokia must be able to have an intensive marketing plan to ensure success and apparently, their experience to eat the humble pie won't happen again. With the emergence of Apple Iphones today, the strategy of Nokia relies on growing, transforming, and building the Nokia business to ensure its future success.Although Nokia is an established multinational company, the management must still be able to use different strategy that would sustain Nokia's competitive advantage and ensure market success. The marketing plan must include the business strategy that Nokia must use which includes the strategic intent, competitive strategy and marketing mix. The strategic concept of Nokia is to take the demand-side strategy. In doing so, Nokia subdivides the whole market into several objective markets according to the researches about the partialities of different individuals. And then the different types of mobile phones are put into the market aimed at attracting different groups. The competitive strategy of Nokia aims on improving the innovative ability to win the...


Strategic Marketing Challenges Essay

4297 words - 17 pages Case Assignment-Mickey comes to rescue! Disney in Hong KongPrepared by:1.0 IntroductionThis is a case assignment required to be familiar with Disney Company's decision to move into China, strategic options that were available to the company, concerns about its entry into this thriving market, and current strategic issues and risks facing the company. This is what this paper is going to recover.To achieve this paper, it will first provide a

Strategic Marketing in Tourism Essay

674 words - 3 pages Proposed Research Topic: Strategic Marketing in Tourism Aims Potential in tourism sector has continued to flourish over time. The growth of the industry has seen both the public and private sectors invest heavily on tourism facilities and guiding materials. The tourist offer of these destinations involves international community and is the result of interaction among public and private sectors who act autonomously (Ruggero). These two sectors

Strategic marketing for Hytex Malaysia

5236 words - 21 pages Hytex can fulfil each segment with different marketing mix accordingly.First of all, Hytex must separate its market into consumer-based market and industrial based market. The industrial based market can be further divided into local buyers and foreign buyers. In the case of Hytex, the foreign buyers hold the majority share of the total sales. Thus Hytex should focus their effort to maintain these key accounts.In terms of the consumer-based

Strategic Marketing Cases: Caterpillar Inc

1894 words - 8 pages Caterpillar Inc.--Early 1990sThe assessment of opportunities and threats is the foundation upon which planners develop strategies. The Caterpillar case illustrates some of the problems associated with the identification of opportunities and threats, especially in a situation where previous successes are notable. Attempting to pattern long-term growth on the basis of previously valid assumptions is one of the classic dilemmas facing the strategic

Strategic Marketing Trough Differentiation and Positioning

920 words - 4 pages Strategic Marketing Trough Differentiation and Positioning Strategic marketing has been defined by Ansoff and McDonell (1990) as the process of positioning the organization to its environment in a way that helps it obtain success and insures it against future obstacles (Ansoff & McDonell, 1990). This is an important element in achieving successful organizations despite the constantly changing environment and customers’ needs. As stated by Tomb

Strategic Marketing Plan of E-Tours 2007

3125 words - 13 pages Strategic Marketing Plan of E-Tours2006IntroductionE-Tours is an Internet based travel company located in Norwich, UK. It has seen its turnover grow from zero in 1997 to £5 million in 2003. Its principal tourist destination was the United States of America but following the events of 11th September 2001 in the USA, business began to slow down dramatically. The company also observed that long-haul destination and package holidays were down

Product Life Cycle As A Strategic Marketing Tool

2057 words - 8 pages then launched as ?New & Improved!? and the pellets were called Persil ?Megaperls? which led a new generation in laundry detergents. Competitors were automatically marked down as ?the old generation?. This strategy grew sales of Persil and helped increase its market lead of 5% over Ariel! 4. Conclusion ? Final points to note To conclude whether or not the PLC concept is considered a useful strategic marketing tool or not would be a constant

Strategic Marketing

595 words - 2 pages ContentsAbstract1Introduction1Basic theory of Strategic Marketing2Different Marketing Strategies2Conclusion3References4AbstractThis paper is intended towards the explanation of the term strategic marketing. The first section tries to give a basic definition of the term while the latter section focuses on the various marketing strategies available and their purpose.IntroductionAll sorts of businesses of the world use some sort of marketing

Strategic Marketing

3737 words - 15 pages 1. Introduction............31.1 Welcome to the Global Village..........31.2 About the Cereal Market..........31.3 The Kellogg's Company............42. Marketing Environment..............52.1 Porter's Five Forces Model........52.2 Competitive Positions...............72.3 Segmentation and Positioning........82.4 SWOT Analysis..............93. Strategic Planning and the Marketing Process........113.1 Corporate Strategies...........113.2 Marketing

Strategic Marketing

753 words - 3 pages Discovering the real desires, wants, and needs of the customer and designing product mix to actually meet those needs requires detailed analysis of the target market and the resources available to the organization. Strategic Marketing is a catchall term that describes marketing activities based on carefully crafting a marketing plan. It often involves marketing outreach directed towards specific constituencies (Marketing Styles accessed on 12

Strategic marketing and international marketing for Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai

5212 words - 21 pages at the hotel upon check-in/out. This is to guarantee the booking and guest to check in as reserved.2.) In addition, the hotel reserves the right to charge one night stay for no-show or late cancellation.REFERENCESCateora, P.R.& Graham, J.L. (2002) International Marketing, (10th Edition), USA: McGraw-HillFred, R.D. (1995) Strategic Management, New Jersey: Prentice HallGrant R.M. (1998) Contemporary Strategy Analysis, (3rd Edition), USA

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3752 words - 15 pages .URL:www.questteam.comKotler P. (2003), Marketing Management, Pearson Education: New Jersey.Lancaster G. (2003). Customers and Marketing.URL: G. (2001). Channels of Distribution.URL: University (2002), 2602 Strategic Marketing, Learning Resources: Great Britain.Mountinho L. (2001). Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning, and Strategic Marketing.URL:http